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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Review – Cathartic, Chaotic, Constrained

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  • Jules and Rich have been playing the new Wolfenstein. Opinions incoming…

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    Riesenfriese says:

    They are critizing it for not being open world. LYNCH THEM! Do you WANT all games to be open world?!

    Jon Thomas Sullivan says:

    idk what y’all talking about. this game is dope. you people just over analyze this shit

    Knight 77 says:

    It took me 13 hours to complete this game

    jaguar warrior says:

    The guy with the small beard is a wanker

    Zargax 24 says:

    Just because it has the name of the company that made fallout and skyrim( and I will add machine games made this) doesn't mean it's gonna be this open world universe it's Wolfenstein.

    Phillip Scheid says:

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein is still the best game in the series!

    skillywilly187 says:

    Why do people say the game is so great but Steam Reviews are really bad it's like 60% saying the performance is shite

    Jason Scott says:

    If you want the game to feel longer, try playing on death incarnate difficulty……took me 18hrs

    Connor Hesse says:

    yea just picked up wolfenstien 2 . I personally think this has to be the most gruesome and action packed game I have ever played. That decapitation scene at the start is stuck in my head.

    Gianluca Badejo says:

    Wpuld have preferred to see gameplay, with the 2 beards as voiceovers. No offence. I just want to see the game up close.

    Abbas Akbar says:

    god I love this game, thank god we still have some story driven FPS's. The ending felt a little sudden and I wish we could have had an epic final boss battle like The New Order but other than that, it is amazing. Oh the crocodile jump scares can also go fuck right off

    Tenure Gaming says:

    You get another npc impression of what they think of Nazis from the drunk guy in the alley behind the petrol station.

    Austin 3:16 says:

    Is it couch co op?

    afuckingnameplz says:

    that dude's arms stole your head's hair. jules

    timephire says:

    Ben, Jules and Simon are The Shield of WhatCulture! FACTS!!

    dogma01011951 says:


    Morphic c says:

    I can't even play it on PC because every menu and subtitle and in game prompt is all gibberish.

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