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Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, The Old Blood, The New Order – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Remix

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    In this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history of Wolfenstein! This video specifically focuses on the Wolfenstein soft reboots trilogy, The New Order, The Old Blood, and Wolfenstein The New Colossus which have all released on PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and New Colossus will also release on the Nintendo Switch. Through our analysis of these games, their gameplay and beta builds, we hope to show some of the more interesting facts from the making of Wolfenstein and have its history explained.

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    Video Editing by Luis Illingworth @HeyRaguio
    Research/Writing by Seumidh MacDonald


    Dukefazon says:

    The number 88 – whether or not to remove it. 0:41 – And right at the next gameplay footage the player has 88 shields. Coincidence? I think not.

    Tyler Hassey says:

    Duuuude that’s awesome im in mesquite right now im literally looking at what used to be the Id software HQ

    gamemastermatt says:

    I just hope this game segways to a commander keen reboot. Billy Blaze in commander keen is BJs grandson.

    Sounds German says:

    Love your series, but the first fact right away is 100% false. Every Wolfenstein game post-Spear of Destiny had a german release. All of them, to this day, censored however. But saying they didn't release is just patently false.

    DerEchte Jim says:

    The first fsct righr away is false. We hsd Wolfenstein games before.

    PalmDesertRock says:

    "Till Schweiger, best known in the west.." What, doesn't germany belong to the west now?

    Michael Miller says:

    What song is that at 3:53? It is so fucking brutal.

    Sp00kyFox says:

    the first fact is already wrong. both RtCW and Wolfenstein (2009) were officially released in Germany and even had german translations. also the usage of Nazi imagery in games is not forbidden in Germany. what is forbidden is to use said imagery to make propaganda for such politics and ideology. Bethesda could've released the game uncut if they wanted.

    The Raving Killer says:

    I want to see an episode of did you know gaming on Lego games.
    Please make it happen…

    Haohmaru HL says:

    That's probably the second videogame in history made by western developers, after uncharted, where the protagonist isn't a bald mothefucker or doesn't wear anything on his head, because devs can't model hair properly.

    Michael Dorito says:

    pls just make one on waluigi

    firedrake110 says:

    Holy fuck, the comments are so bad I'm starting to wish America had as many Nazis as they're claiming they do, so at least someone would get to cleansing this shit

    ThumbBeforeFinger says:

    Did you know? In The New order, if you go to your bed in the safe house, you can play the first level from Wolfenstein 3D

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