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WINNING!! (Fornite Battle Royale)

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  • New Fortnite new update Battle Royale duo wins with Typical Gamer!
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    Description of the new Fortnite Battle Royale mode: “It’s 100 players. One giant map. Put your building and combat skills to the test. The last commander standing wins. Hop in and take on your friends!”

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    Jacobi Mcdaniel says:


    Typical Maticz says:

    I want TG elite shirts

    Cutthroat 232 says:

    Viva la resistance

    Oddyg Leopard says:

    Andre i have been watching for a long time and i wanted to tell you that if you can play Forza Horizon 3 and specially more skyrim plz you and samara are the best youtubers ever

    aaron Poffenberger says:

    you are the best youtuber and so funny i love your vids im only 7 yers old and you shoud play friday the 13th with samara

    Jessie Hopley says:

    They were talking about tg's old town and it brought back memories. Who remembers tg's old room

    Keith Raymond says:

    Hurucan spyder a life mod

    Silly_ guy 565 says:

    Hes saying 10,000 likes if u guys are confused about 10 likes

    Ryan Leach says:

    I'm a little bit late

    Elena pigott says:

    revolver snipes yall

    ADIB ROCKS says:

    bro please do zombie apocalypse mod !

    Zack Roberts says:


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