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Will there be any more GTA Online DLC?!?

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  • In this video I discuss the possibility of future DLC’s in GTA Online and if so what Rockstar could possibly do at this point!

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    lintongthedev says:

    add the cargo plane and all unused vehicles

    Mattatron 18 says:


    MagestiK GameS says:

    They should just make a dlc that is not going to empty our wallets.

    Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes says:

    0:38 is that ur favorite song? Like seriously you use it in almost every video

    Brandon Walmsley says:

    I have a cool idea as the last doc they could add another Mao to Gta 5 and name is Gta 6.that way we can travel between them

    Brandon Walmsley says:

    I don't want another doc maybe just 1. More but min after that.gta isn't Gta anymore it's fucking world war 3

    Onat Aldırmaz says:


    Damian Bartareau says:

    So we got A ready player one trailer parody

    Rgx Rgx says:

    Deadline with 2 teams would be good. Bigger maps, more players, and two colors, blue and orange. Or a cop dlc idk

    ryan paul says:

    Custom contact missions would make my day.

    Shark says:

    you can get a warship with jets

    Megatube says:

    I have a good idea for a dlc release a add on to the doomsday heist it would work perfectly they left us on a cliff hanger at the end of act 3 with Clifford they can bring him back for 4 more heist the last act 7 giving us 7 million dollars I don't really like the difficulty of the 3 acts we got but I loved the story it was like a mini story mode for the online mode they can bring the Russian guy back and give us a area of Russia to explore like for a heist like act 5 or 6 have it in a new menu called landfill or something and it can only be opened by playing the heist and it would fix the problems with the 3 acts we got and make it easier give us more money and add new vehicles and as much as I hate to say it they can get us to buy the Russian land after we see wether or not we want to buy it it gives us more room to explore and more things for them to add that's a idea I've had on my chest since I finished the doomsday heist

    Danny Gamez says:

    the next dlc is supposed to be a sea dlc but we dont know

    White_ Hawk43 says:

    I will be so pissed if R* put micro transactions in rd2

    TheMaximus874 says:

    They could add Las Venturas or some small places.

    Dragon_Slayer says:

    Rockstar wants more money? Give us RDR2 and we might consider.

    2Oejy 4me says:

    oh great another shit theory keep milking gta good job

    Tyler Carr-Schulz says:

    Been binge watching your videos gotta say your thr most reliable youtuber and i enjoy your little skits and stuff. Wholesome content and quality content all around!!! Definte sub. Im 128 and didnt know have the stuff untill i caught your vids. I have a request dear PRG. Can you do a video on the newest feature of opening personal aircraft ex(Titan, Cargobob) that can open hatches now. Could you list all the vehicles that can and what vehicles or things you can do or put inside them. Love your vids man keep it up!!!

    Zeker Berend says:

    This vid is rubbish. First, Rockstar has literally said they will keep releasing DLC’s. Second, Doomsday okay? It has been the best DLC in a while and it is an actual good DLC.

    Tarl Hywell says:

    I'm still waiting for a Vice DLC, one that will let you get really deep into criminal activity such as street drug distribution, burglary, assassinations, illegal racing, and prostitution (and of course the oft-promised MIND-BLOWING ORGIES!!!!), as well as the ability to play as law enforcement (one of my favorite things in GTA IV was being able to almost actually be a cop). Sadly, I think with all the over-the-top stuff that's been added already, that's been a missed oppurtunity. Maybe GTA VI Online?

    Calvin C. says:

    I would like to see more adversary modes, one should be in North Yankton where you can throw snow balls at one another in a 10 min "death match"

    A survival zombie horde mode

    The tumbler bike from dark knight movie

    Jakepetrolhead says:

    Would love a Need For Speed Hot Pursuit style DLC. Before the Doomsday Update, I'd have ruled it out because of police vehicles, but now you can buy a riot van. Besides, if a criminal can have a jetpack, I'm sure they can find a way to get a police car too.

    ClownJesus says:

    yeah a big THICC creator update is all it really needs for people to wanna play it for the next 4+ years

    Van is says:

    Doomsday dlc part2

    boredtralala says:

    A mansion or a cop based dlc would be nice.

    Spooderman 420 says:

    HOW TO OPEN THe back of an aircraft on ps4 plx help m8s

    Tonyskull19 says:


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