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When a gamer get’s a gift on Christmas!

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  • Our gamer is stuck with is old crappy PC and ask Santa to give him a graphics card!

    Guys, It Takes Lot Of Time To Make These Videos…
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    Songs Used:

    1)Kevin MacLeod – Merry Go

    2)Carol Of The Bells (Goblins from Mars Trap Remix)


    3) Street Fighter 5_ Ken’s Theme


    Clash Royale Champ says:

    Girl said me to dislike Allipse's Videos
    I said babe man's not idiot!

    SkillzHub says:


    nicolasdomenic says:

    i love ur outro

    Minaxi B Sutariya Minaxi B Sutariya says:

    #QNA which graphic card did you have?

    vijey pravin says:

    He is a lucky guy who has got a very good gaming computer.

    Kluffy says:

    Could u Do One Where his dad tell him to start sports . Or

    John Cena says:

    Ur vids r AWESOOOOOME

    Mining Llama says:

    Santa: Who do you think I am?
    Allipse: A pedo?
    I died hahahaahhahaha

    Syed Raashid says:

    best place to hear some music love u allipse

    Gamer boY says:

    Allipse gaming can you please give me a shot out i am lossing the hope every day please

    lemon berry says:

    Today is my sister bday I need likes as a gift she 18 yrs

    Joshua Laguitao says:

    Can u make A video When A GAMER plays During Exam I hope u respond tnx

    Rawad Saab says:

    lol Gta v With San andreas Graphics

    Mahdi Golzari says:

    I don't have a consal all i have is aphone and want xbox but my dad said its shit

    CrustyDogePlayz XD says:

    Girl told me Allipse is the best I said babe you are right

    Pro Stickman says:

    See my channel I also make stickman videos plz subscribe to me!

    Antidot L3G3NDA de pe OG-Times says:

    Noice intro,
    300 comment 😛

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