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Werebear Cometh – Guardian [TDP]

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  • Preacher recovers from his illness by spreading the good word of the werebear
    Twitter: @Preachgaming
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    Vincenzo Bertelloni says:

    How you tell us the story behind ur journey into pug is funnnny xD. I love ur content soooooo much

    Panthrax says:

    I wish I played EU so I could trigger you. I prefer the pvp bears.

    Tandinos says:

    wheres the WW content brooooo xD keep up the good work

    Hexx123 says:

    Three kinds of people who dislike werebear:
    1. Those who cannot obtain it
    2. Those who are sick of seeing it all over the place
    3. Plebians of the planet Plebos

    Selvalis says:

    just gotta get on the ship for the crucible, blizz anticipated the whining 😛

    Ryan Gorgoni says:

    are you using dbm? for shame.

    Pwnnz says:

    I remember.. good god was that 4 years ago..

    Jashan Friedlaender says:

    i love werebear so much, i did it with 902 ilvl

    ifizij says:

    Sad story almost whole expansion has passed and I still dont have bracer for fire mage.

    Matthew McNeil says:

    are you bad mouthing gummy bear? I love the gummy bear over no animations bear

    Mickey Wallace says:

    I, like most people also get annoyed/frustrated with groups wanting ilvls beyond what is necessary. However, the more and more i delve into pugging mythic+ the more reason I understand why people ask for high ilvls. Just a few examples.

    A 920 Mage that complained about my ilvl (865 brew monk) being too low for my friends +7eye, couldnt break 550k on a boss…thats 890ilvl numbers. Or just people that get hit by every volcanic on top of every avoidable boss mechanic so they are dead most of every boss fight or trash.

    Again, I know and we know that ilvl≠skill but i think most groups are using that in hopes of weeding out those types of players. I know it sucks but there are just enough bad players out there that muck up the pug life for everyone else.

    Paralyzed says:

    4 years, jesus….

    Daniel Pera says:

    Crucible is account-wide, bro

    TheKepin says:

    I miss Drama Time

    tekkaoz says:

    waaaaaaaay werebear sucks mate!

    Sorry I had to, but seriously I love herumbear as my guild calls it, the only issue I have is the lack of animations for it.

    Astonishing says:

    Wow yeah I remember when Max was born. Can't believe I've been watching for that long, it all goes by so fast

    TK Deuce says:

    Well IDK about the werebear but I'm quite fond of my nightmare bear

    Eric Stringham says:

    I remember the wee little lad… They grow up fast preach.

    Entity says:

    TDP = The Dill Pickle

    nkish says:

    Nice run… enjoyed watching it!

    Giulio Palumbo says:

    But preach, you've told me that ranged shouldn't kick enemy casts 🙁

    AnimilistiC says:

    Would someone mind telling me the add ons for his interface he uses? Thank you very much

    TheLegend27 says:

    1:31 triggerd people inc!

    steelinyoujewgold says:

    Not going for vitriol with this. However you just have to make it onto the vindicar to use it if its unlocked on one toon homie!!! good shit been watching since Cata watch almost every vid.

    bob llama says:

    This pug group is rigged.

    wowantonlavey says:

    demonetized at 0:00

    Discotheque32 says:

    Hey preach, as a tank main I 100% agree that it's primarily a tank function. I appreciate good DPS that do it but I agree with your view on that. Love the videos.

    kparr90 says:

    When’s the hunter mage tower…..feelsbadman

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