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Vanoss Gaming Animated: Team 6

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  • Hey guys, sorry, we had to re-upload it because of a music licence issue. Thanks for watching it again if you already saw it!

    Friends in the vid:
    Wildcat –
    BasicallyIDoWrk –
    Nogla –
    H2O Delirious –
    Terroriser –

    Big Thanks to these 2 for voicing:
    Mail Man: kritical –
    Outro Voice: Sp00n –

    Animators Channel –

    Vanoss Merch HERE!:

    Follow me on Twitter –!/VanossGaming
    Facebook Page –
    Instagram –

    Please Ignore or flag spam, negative, or hateful comments. We’re here to have a good time. Thanks everyone, and enjoy :]


    Elton Perea says:

    I love this xD

    Shahkulu says:

    this happend on January 1, 2001?

    Logan Phillips says:

    thats funny as hell

    shadowpulse99 says:

    Gonna need a full version of that song, jus sayin

    Kia Mills says:

    It would b cool if they lived together tho lol

    Galaxer Sander says:

    I guess they are now called team 6

    Shadow Craght call of duty y mas lol says:

    Soy Méxicano

    Callum B says:

    It's funny how the bear attacked them then helped them all in the video and waking the others

    Theshadyplayer says:

    I love they made the mailman critickal ❤️❤️❤️

    Insanity -Chan says:

    5:13 xDDDD

    skull face says:

    1:11 I like how bear joins them afterwords

    Tekkluz says:


    Rayyan GT says:

    Im a vannosser

    Mr. weasel says:

    This is great

    Class 115 says:

    This needs to be a series :v

    TricksProdigy says:


    Tomato_ Bruv says:

    Dat 4th wall break doe :/

    MrLonely Mike says:

    Is that the beat from Bodak Yellow?

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