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Valve Just Made Another Mistake – TyLoo Stickers Inflate as Flash Gaming Replaces

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  • Way to go Valve… Congrats to everyone who made money!
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    CSGO News and More says:

    So… Who here made money off TyLoo stickers?

    Colt W says:

    Why does it matter how much their sticker is worth? Its a cool sticker! 6 months ago I was buying and selling team stickers, not even knowing they where team stickers. I literally just thought they had 2015, 2017 on them as a year they were released with some arbitrary name. Fact of the matter, its a cool sticker, and there is not that many out there now, only probably 5-10k.
    For me, its just as cool as The sticker howling dawn.

    afonso matos says:

    don't feel bad bro, with all the good work you give us this is nothing

    Max Barker says:

    And now they're going down…

    iRocketeeR says:

    they did the right thing. youre just made because your were wrong.

    iRise Demon says:

    Valve might not putting sticker on sale anymore

    putnamehere hold ma doodle says:

    Valve after the money

    Probey says:

    take a breath u are speaking to fast

    mikiny11 says:


    V3nge Csgo says:

    i dont trust you anymore cya 😛

    ★ AmλzinglyPixelated ★ says:

    It doesn't make sense to leave the stickers in the game. They got replaced with flash gaming and theres no reason for them to be in the game anymore.

    David says:

    I bought 2 Tyloo holos for £9 each XD LOL

    Nameless says:

    God dammit Jake , why did i listened to you :'(

    borat smagadijev says:

    Hey Jake! I didnt make money, but I made your sister pregnant. Does that count?

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