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V-65 Molotok review! – GTA Online

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  • In this video I take a look at the V-65 Molotok fighter jet included as part of the Smuggler’s run DLC in GTA Online and see if it compares against the Hydra that is both cheaper and has been around for all these years!

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    J 117 says:

    MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE "DROP TANKS" and how drop them or use them.

    Matt y says:

    It doesn't have explosive cannons and it can't drop bombs so it's basically shit

    Aryte ~ Alex H. says:

    its sad that the machine guns suck, if you ever played war thunder (or saw gameplay) you know how good the mig 15 is

    cashfan3 says:

    Still think they should add the A-10 Warthog…. that would be dope as fuck!!! It could have the cannons, missiles, and the carpet bomb… it would be so awesome!!

    Oliver Janesch says:

    Molotok has faster rockets (no reload time)

    muchiosgracias4 says:

    Does anyone think I should buy the hydra I've got 7 million? Or wait until end of drip feed? Need a jet like

    HydraGiraffe says:

    i think it looks weird, like its missing the tip

    A.O. says:

    Does buying armor for your plane actually add some degree of missile/rocket durability? And how many rockets can you take before getting wasted?

    McTexRiseAbove says:

    I eat lazers and hydras lol its all about the skill i use the missles to make my prey go where I want then go for the kill takes a couple of passes but I always come out on top

    Svenvz says:

    Thought the lazer and hydra only fired 2 missiles before having a short reload period, whereas the Molotok can keep firing forever?

    Alexander Ortigoza says:

    Thanks for saving me money was gonna get it but it really underperforms if u already have a hydra

    •_Cold Killer_•TM says:


    koolerpure says:

    This plane is better than hydra, you have better mobility so you can dodge the hydra machine gun and flares to cancel rockets while hydra can't do that

    Mark Gamer says:

    The starlight one is a beast

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