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  • Clash Royale’s pro tips series continues on CWA! Today I’ll welcome Tin2, the pride of Tribe Gaming, on the channel! We’ll review his very deadly spell cycle deck. It’s annoying as all hell to play against but you can’t argue with Tin’s success with it! Since he’s revised the deck he’s completed two grand challenges in a row without one loss. Today we’ll get to know Tin2 and cover the best strategy for using this deck!

    – Tin2 Twitter – @Tin2cr

    – The Deck – Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Ice Wizard, Knight, Poison, Rocket, The Log, Tornado

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    Brandon Hall says:

    I love it went 12 and 2 in a classic challenge and I am 5 and 0 in a grand challenge.

    NonxYT says:

    normally love to listen to your videos, but this guy sounds like he is at the gym running and using a $10 Mic. please fix it

    Carlos Bermudez says:

    I luv the knight top 5 best def card in the game

    Carlos Bermudez says:

    I like it just pick a real deck not some “funky deck” pls

    Inam says:

    Aka cancer deck

    Gaming Psycho says:

    I got a question which is why would you use 1 elixir skeletons instead of stab goblins? Or is it just for the cycle

    DŁ-Apocalypse says:

    How do you get the snow wizard? Been trying for months!

    Justin Whaley says:

    Everyone on challenges is playing this deck…
    Lot of mirror matches

    Jeremiah Campbell says:

    Great work ash! Loving your channel all the way from Jamaica

    Tribal says:

    Nerf spell tower damage!

    Rafal says:

    lol i try this this I get 5 beatdown deck with golem and lose of course

    Jorge Salgado says:

    Lol I try this deck and go 0 wins and 6 losses in classic challenges.

    TechNech says:

    Please add the deck link in the descriptions!

    Kash Gaming says:

    12 win challenges are easy with this deck thanks ash

    Daniel Risen says:

    Love your videos Ash! Only critique I have is that your guest's voice volume is always way higher than your own. Results in having to constantly raise and lower the volume when watching your vids at work. Other than that, great content.

    Thund3r L0rd says:

    New Meta: Golem Cycle

    BedrockBreakerTV says:

    Can anyone explain to me, how to beat log bait with this deck?
    In the second they see my rocket, they start rocket cycling to, but because they can apply pressure better I always lose.

    Marco Meinhof says:

    Lol I am pretty sure I fought Tin2 with this deck on the 20 win crown challenge and I won (Pekka miner poison), thought it was a Xbow deck before he started rocket cycle

    אלרז חמצני says:

    what is going with brawl stars man… you know cladh royale is dying…

    Raymond Charles says:

    I am using glem deck when I see ice wiz I always use rocket to tower and wiz he is too annoying

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