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Ultra Gaming on a $200 PC – GeForce NOW

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  • Checking out Nvidia’s GeForce NOW PC game streaming at CES 2018 – now for PC!
    Get on the (free) GeForce NOW waitlist:


    Austin Evans says:

    In case you missed it, here's GeForce NOW running on a 2009 MacBook:

    If Young Metro Dont Trust U says:

    GeForce now is trash in my opinion u can’t edit ur setting in GeForce now ie. the mouse sens…lots of latency, pretty trash on Mac tbh

    kakarwt mmc says:

    wasnt that a Chromebook?

    kakarwt mmc says:

    That was a Chromebook!!!! Dude that's awesome but no thanx lol

    Navraj Singh says:

    Yes I went on the beta!

    Crunchy Tech says:

    What is geforce now. It's it a software or hardware

    Adam Gronemeier says:

    I honestly hate the idea of streaming games on pc… it defeats the purpose of playing pc games.

    Isaiah Moreno says:

    Is it only on laptops

    cori uday says:

    Austin I have doubt what happens if run GTA online and overwatch on this GeForce now

    Timothy Bojorquez says:

    ::cough:: Onlive ::cough::

    QuantumWolf716 says:

    How tf does that work mine blew uo

    Tacoultimite209 says:

    Can I play on my 2004 1gb of RAM 1.6 GHz single core processer laptop

    JOZMB says:

    im in the waitlist

    Kyle Nash says:

    ULTRA ON A MAC HA! Maybe at 144p

    James Knight says:

    Did he say all state?

    Rinny Blaze says:

    I have a pentium and i can play pubg

    Azrael7 says:

    I always saw games-treaming as the future of gaming for over a decade…… but I never said I wanted it. Now that it's here, I kinda fear it, as it will become mainstream, thanks to the cof casuals as everything in "gaming" now days, and give even more control to the big houses. For example, streaming services like Netflix bring and remove content, AND limits it for some regions (No Family Guy for LA for some undisclosed reasons). Why wouldn't the same apply to Game Sreaming services? Also will most likely have normal subscribtion for a price…. for games from 5 years and back, if it isn't too popular. Then, if you want brand new games and the AAAs, then you must pay extra. Please people everywhere, do not concent to this practices, Gaming as a service, loot Boxes, unfair Match-making mechanics for profit, the list goes on…..

    Mozz Jones says:

    Guys you don't need anything else just your laptop or PC and a good internet connection, Everything is run in cloud using Nvidia GPU server. To get it, You need to sign up for beta access on line and you'll be told when it's available.. BUT Only available for North America and Europe.

    Krushing Pika says:

    Finally, my GeForce 9300M GS ( 2010 ) can finally run pubg, not 1 FPS on very low and suddenly shuts down cuz it’s over heated cuz of pubg

    TechNaiSci says:

    Will gta 5 work on this.

    mango _thunder says:

    Can someone explain this to me?? I️ don’t understand how this works

    Milky Way says:

    But can it’s run Crysis?

    MaNo- Android says:

    u gotta wait?

    Doug V. says:

    Will this work on a chrome book?

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