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Top 5 best DLC’s in GTA Online!

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  • In this video I do a top 5 countdown of (my personal) best Downloadable content ever to be featured in GTA Online and urge you guys in the comments to come up with your own list and share them with the community!

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    PressTehDoge says:

    2018.Rockstar maybe be bringing a new dlc and new cars

    Benningfield says:

    5- Finance & Felony
    4- Gun Running
    3- Import/Export
    2- Doomsday Heist
    1- Heists

    Benningfield says:

    Are you out of your mind? 1st off gun Running and Doomsday were 2 different DLCs with another inbetween them.. 2nd Cunning Stunts shouldn’t even be in the Top 5. So drop that one and break up GR and DH to fill the spot.

    Iandianajones says:

    We wouldn’t have importexport if it weren’t for finance and felony

    Paul Kioseοglou says:

    Barrage vs Insurgent pick-up (custom)???

    Meth Lab says:

    In terms of fun gameplay Heists is number one as u could use vests and actually have a hell of a lotta fun doing all the heists just killing people.Number two spot goes to the doomsday heist as again it’s a heists dlc but it’s number two because the vests don’t work so unless u have one other really good friend who’s as good as u or even better,u can’t have fun.Thankfully I do have really good friends on pc so it’s a blast playing those three heists with them.Number three spot goes to cunning stunts because of obvious reasons.Number 4 is gunrunning as it’s basically a better mc cocaine business and the missions are genuinely fun to do.Number 5 is import export cuz driving super cars never gets boring (unless u continuously do it for 5 hours straight) and u get paid a decent amount for easy,simple and fast missions…except the cargobob one seriously fuck that one.Keep in mind these were not based on what dlc added the best money making method but fun missions and such. I’m sure a lot of u will agree with this list 😀

    kxng_ozi says:

    realm y dont u do a face reveal

    Onur Palpatine says:

    The best DLC was by far the Heists update. It gave GTA Online not only new missions and possibilities for making XP and GTA$, it is also what made GTA Online great, made coop gaming and the story of GTA 5 Online in general more interesting; also the idea of breaking a professor free from prison and breaking in into Humane Labs (again) were great. Having Trevor in GTA Online, working for him and helping him making (or at least trying xD) big money by selling drugs.
    There are so many examples why the Heists update is by far the best one 😮 At least for me.

    The number 2 DLC is the. Finance and Felony Update (CEO). It is the first DLC that gave us what I always called "business missions". In this case Special Cargo; filling our own warehouse(s) and having the possibility to decide for ourselves when we want to sell our warehouse; whether it's 100% full or only 30%. It also made freemode sessions more interesting, tho it also made it more cancerous by having the risk of losing your stuff to a freemode warrior in a jet ^^ but I think that is good actually. GTA Online itself is more of a coop online game, but freemode and game modes like Deathmatches and races etc are PvP based. So I find it good that you have to be careful and must have a plan to sell and buy cargo crates.

    The third best update is Import/Export because of the same reasons actually … just this time it's cars instead of cargo crates. It's what gave us the feeling of the "true" and classic Grand Theft Auto games back.

    Number 4 is the Bunker DLC, the Gunrunning update. Again, same thing, gave us new business missions and also new interesting weapons, or at least new versions of the old ones. The new ammunition types are complicated… I kind of like it but I also think it was not necessary in a GTA title. It's ok I guess.

    Number 5 is the DD Heist, for now …
    The new missions are a mix of the business missions and the classic Heists. Also it added a way higher difficulty level to the (coop) missions in GTA Online. I love the new missions! Finally something challenging. The original Heists were great tho, I even love the old Heists more than the new ones. But it's nice to have new challenges since the original Heists update is like three years old now.

    But we shouldn't forget the events ^^
    My favorite events were
    1. Valentine's Day
    Best guns (Thompson), best vehicles (Roosevelt) and besr clothes.
    2. Christmas plus new years eve
    Best car horns, snow and snowballs
    3. Independence day
    Musket and the masks, car horns and exclusive tire smoke
    4. Halloween
    Interesting vehicles and nice car horns

    That's my opinion on the top five updates ^^

    lameEast909 says:

    Do worst dlc

    Reese Johnson says:

    If you have the hunter, can you call it in anywhere? Or do you have to go to your hangar to get it?

    LittleBoyRy says:

    I think bikers was the best

    Brendyn Weltzer says:

    I hate gunning but love cloth best military cloth ever

    pooper hatingRaptor says:

    You should review the musket

    darkwhite cop says:

    I like what I saw in the first seconds

    xman40100 says:

    1. Heists
    2. Lowriders
    3. Import/Export
    4. Finance and Felony
    5. Freemode Events
    6. San Andreas Flight School
    7. The Doomsday Heist
    8. Gunrunning
    9. Bikers
    10. Cunning Stunts
    11. High Life
    12. Executives and Other Criminals
    13. Ill-Gotten Gains (both parts)
    14. Business
    15. Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit
    16. Beach Bum
    17. Lowriders: Customs Classics
    18. Smuggler's Run

    Angel Gutierrez says:

    Doomsday was a huge let down1 mil for saving the world? Seriously?

    Indominus Rex says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year brothers! 😀

    DontKnowAName Gamer says:

    Heists is hands down the best dlc ever released

    section Alex says:

    For me the first will always be Lowriders. After that maybe Finance&Felony + ImportExport

    Alpha 474 says:

    M I N D B L O W I N G O R G I E S!

    Aaron York says:

    no I don't enjoy free lobby battles PR

    Aaron York says:

    yeah heist dlc is number 1

    JcFrontfire the active channel says:

    Bikers was shit

    XSKY says:

    Thanks to the import export DLC I am able to make money in the fastest way…. who agress

    JcFrontfire the active channel says:

    Doomsday heist is the best dlc

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