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Top 3 Computers For Retro Gaming In 2018

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  • My top 3 best computers for emulation. I looked at all computers including the popular single board. I considered the software and price in the decision.

    Odroid xu4:
    Cheap Laptops:
    Raspberry Pie 3 KIT- |
    Raspberry Pie Zero W KIT- |

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    — Preferred Pi Products —
    Raspberry Pie 3 KIT- |
    Raspberry Pie Zero W KIT- |
    400gb micro sd |
    256gb micro sd |
    200gb micro sd |
    128gb micro sd |
    64gb micro sd |
    32gb micro sd |
    16gb micro sd |

    — Preferred Pi Controllers —
    Do Everything Wireless Controller |
    Classic SNES Style |
    Slick Controller Wi U |
    Serious Contender |
    I’m broke but wanna game |
    Xbox 360 Controller |
    Killer Wired Controller |

    Capture Card |
    Computer |
    WebCam |
    Headset |
    Mic |
    Tripod |
    Nice SLR Camera |
    Nice SLR Camera Lens |
    Keyboard |
    Mouse |
    Backdrop support |
    Green Screen |


    ravagingwolverine says:

    On the Odroid, it's not just faster in terms of clock speed. The A15 cores are considerably more powerful than the A53 cores, even at the same clock. I thought it was worth pointing out as it wasn't stated. That's a minor thing and I generally agree with this. I use Odroids and laptops, myself.

    Good advice with the laptops. I've picked up two off-lease Thinkpads — Sandy and Ivy Bridge — for good prices and they were in excellent condition and still work well. That's a great option for anyone looking for laptops. They're holding up much better than the consumer-oriented laptops I previously had, and I got the less-durable L-series Thinkpads.

    Ali John McNicol says:

    If your gonna go in the 200-300 dollar realm for a laptop, youd be better off getting a mini pc form factor. Like an older Intel Nuc or even better, something like this — >

    It looks a hell of a lot better in an entertainment center.

    Or even better, spend 25 bucks for a steam link, and stream from your probably much more powerful regular desktop to any tv you want and use LaunchBox in Big Box mode.

    Yakuza Ronin says:

    very interesting point of view. would be interesting to learn more about starter images/setups for the laptop. or a drewtalks series on launchbox!! i'd rank raspberry pi #1 because it's so easy to get going with sources like arcade punks, madlittlepixel, harrison hacks, etc…

    Peter Weiland says:

    Nice video Drew! The pi3 looks more confortable options just because you can fit even into your pocket… And also use less energy then any other device

    Shrimp Zoo says:

    Ok, I finally understand now.
    There's a retropie Os for the pi 0/1 and an Os for the pi 2/3
    Now I can make images for the pi zero

    But is it not possible to get psx to run on the retro pie os for 0/1 even if I'm using that image on a pi 3?

    level1online says:

    i was really leaning towards a linux based laptop under 300. was looking at the alpha litebook, still doing my research

    Slappy McPhee says:

    The odroid xu4 already has retropie support. It may be very basic directly from retropie right now however my Deb team is preparing to launch a monster extremely stable release a retropie 4.3 .8 over at Odroid Retro Arena on Facebook. Compared to bottle Sarah and recalbox our build support a combination of 22 more systems and ports.

    Shrimp Zoo says:

    No pi zero w 🙁
    Good list though

    Roy says:

    What do you think about the Orange Pi Lite?
    It costs only 20 euro (board + case + charger!) and it runs Retropie just like the Rpi3…

    studioviper says:

    I think the important thing to mention is that the CPU speed is more important than the GPU for nearly all emulators, except for Wii U and PS2. One trick is to get a 2nd or 3rd gen i7 laptop, rather than a newer gen i5 laptop. The newer i-series laptops aren't actually that much faster – intel decided to focus on battery/power efficiency instead. If you're using your laptop inside a bartop, battery efficiency doesn't really matter – you want speed. I got a ThinkPad x230 with a very fast i7 processor recently – cost me under $200 but easily runs GameCube, wii, Dreamcast and PS1 games. It only has intel 4000 graphics but that doesn't matter – hardly any emulators use GPU power (only Wii U and PS2 as mentioned before). Hope this helps.

    Dirty Pours says:

    Who gives a thumbs down without explanation???? Great video. thanks again for everything

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