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Top 10 Facts About Tails The Fox

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  • Top 10 Facts About Tails The Fox
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    Tails is one of the most controversial characters in Sonic. For some, he’s their favourite character. For others, he’s annoying as hell. But since he’s constantly overshadowed by Sonic, not everyone knows a whole lot about him! It’s time to remedy that.

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    SmoothWave Production says:

    Top 10 facts on silver the hedgehog

    Nipun Sharma says:

    Top 10 Facts About Cream The Rabbit

    Animate With Dusan says:

    knew it all

    Jayden -last name- says:

    I never noticed that number 1 either, you ain’t alone

    Irf4nG4mer says:

    I am afraid of lightning too

    Ayaan Nashid says:

    Top 10 facts about metal sonic please?

    Vensku theBoss says:

    Of course Sonic is the best character

    Pikmin88 says:

    I see that Tails Engie. (Miles Conagher? Dell Prower?)

    Kitione Valili says:

    I didn't

    Dragons' Den of Variety says:

    Tails is my all time favorite Sonic character!

    thatsonicgamer 1 says:

    My favorite sonic character is silver

    RLManiac says:

    Casual channel at best

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