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Top 10 Facts About Shadow The Hedgehog

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  • Top 10 Facts About Shadow The Hedgehog
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    Shadow the Hedgehog is known as Sonic’s arch-rival but over the years he has become his own character. And even stared in his own game. Today’s we’re going to dive into Shadow’s history with these facts.

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    Top 10 Gaming says:

    Who's your favorite character from sonic? #Top10Gaming

    Salujaka Sonamy15 says:

    I would say they are dating but I defenetly ship Rouge and Shadow..

    Shirako says:

    I ship shadouge

    Avalin Gamer says:

    Tie between shadow and sliver

    Manic Panic1 says:

    I think of Shadow and Rouge as Very close friends and partners, not as Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

    Silver/Nick says:

    Do top 10 facts about silver the hedgehog

    Robotic Rogue says:

    Shadow is my fav or silver

    The LMMC Program says:


    Nannex Runner says:

    2 isn't a fact

    the madman lowercase says:

    dang. you kids are just behind me, generation-wise…Mega-Man is my Sonic…

    Roxas Sonic says:

    Shadouge? no. Not at all. If anything Shadow wouldn't have a chick, due to it haunting him that he couldn't save maria

    Hamma Ghraybia says:

    Shodow is so cool in shadow the hedgehog he has take an information about his past

    Donte's Channel says:

    There are many reasons why Shadow and Rouge will always be together as friends, but never as lovers. One, Shadow is a different species than her. If they were both bats, or if they were both Hedgehog/Black Arm Hybrids, then MAYBE. Two, Shadow isn’t the kind of guy to fall in love, mainly because he once loved Maria and lost her. Like Sonic and Amy, Shadow might have those feelings, but may never take that final step out of fear of losing them in battle, or being held back. Finally, they aren’t as close as one might assume. In Sonic Forces, Shadow straight- up tells Rouge to shut up, and in Sonic Free Riders, while they are a team, he’s more or less indifferent to Rouge even being there. From my perspective, anyways. He’s always liked his space and going solo on most of his missions, and falling in love would just be an anchor for him.

    Gaming Adventure says:


    Nicolas Pitrakou says:

    The fact that he has inhibitor rings on his ankles as well as his hands scares me because his non-inhibited form might be more powerful than any known super form (not hyper forms)

    King of Salt Mountain says:

    Hey look, another parallel between DBZ and Sonic. The main character Goku/Sonic, is more or less unchanged after decades and their primary rival Vegeta/Shadow, starts off as a bad guy, eventually becomes something akin to an antihero, and has more character development overall.

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