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Thruster (jetpack) review! – GTA Online guides

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  • In this video we take a look at the Thruster! a Jetpack added as part of the GTA Online doomsday heist DLC!

    is it worth the high asking price? watch the video to find out!

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    Dom C4rt3r says:


    MadKiller _ 324 says:

    You don't take a flying vehicle for a spin

    Anthony Jimenez says:

    He forgot about the kick stand

    nobletea 3400 says:

    gta san andreas again lol

    The Doc says:

    So its a shitty oppresor

    iX Relaxx says:

    this is literally just the buzzard except with limited missiles -.-

    Pig Crazy Girl says:

    You have no idea how long the fandom has waited and looked for the jetpack

    matthew hull says:

    I think everyone fainted when they saw the Thruster.

    FDP69 says:

    how does the boost work on it?

    estofadodepollo 16 says:

    does it have radio?

    Marcus says:

    Why were people so hyped about this piece of junk jetpack?

    Just an random douche says:

    Basically a glorified helicopter…

    Got it, don't buy…

    Killer553 says:

    Hipster Airmobile ?

    Jake Paul says:

    Don’t tell me what to buy

    Bollin Badley says:

    are the missiles unlimited

    Cody Boutdy says:

    Major flaw, the jet pack exposes the pilot, so if someone is a good shot, it’s useless.

    Bwhite99 says:

    What is the special ability you can use
    The yellow bar on the right next to health and body armour?

    PROBGONDIE says:

    I think it's safe to say that we can expect a mech.

    Jduke1212 says:

    That looks terrible

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