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This Gaming PC is on WHEELS!

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    Michael Dust says:

    Theres a disco going on inside this computa

    Joshua Keys says:

    Hey video everyone has not done yet… lol

    best stupid comedy says:

    where is wan show???

    ASeriousStorm says:

    whatever the CASE

    Jeffrey Morgan says:

    Definitely not for my tastes. Jesus that thing is ugly.

    Robert Bravo says:

    Gaming COW (computer on wheels)

    Victor Pascan says:

    The logo is ugly af

    Dudeomfgstfux says:

    Linus I will buy 6 Lastpass subscriptions because you are not wearing white socks with your sandals. I can't afford this PC

    VixenGaming says:


    JaxToons says:

    if your gonna pull the plugged before it finishes shutting down, why bother even PRESS shutdown???

    xtremeguy2256 says:

    In the description it says
    " Thanks to LastPpass "
    did Linus stop sponsering Lastpass and instead start sponsoring LastPpass?

    Sesaki -san says:

    Did he really go to CES with socks and sandals?

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