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This Gaming Laptop Has The Best Screen For $1000!

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  • Dave2D review of the Asus GL503 ROG Strix – The best laptop from Asus for affordable gaming with high quality screen. Great for video/content editing!

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    Dave Lee says:

    Very impressed by this screen for the money. Great laptop for people who want something without the "LOOK AT ME – I'M A GAMER" vibe. Wallpaper here –
    Thanks for watching!

    Benny DuFresne says:

    Would it handle DAYZ standalone well?

    Overcome Vinh says:

    thanks for vietsub :3

    Kevin O'Hara says:

    Reminds me a lot of my HP Omen with a fantastic IPS display and 860M. Have the AW 17R4 with the outstanding G-Sync panel now, though. Required a repaste, but runs perfect since then.

    I use the Omen as a great work machine, now.

    Amodh1257 Playz says:

    Please review the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro.

    Joao Pereyra says:

    why so few reviews for this model?

    Joao Pereyra says:

    why so few reviews for this model?

    MrXeon03 says:

    this laptop is less expansive than the new Iphone… AWESOME!
    better buy a laptop instead of a new phone

    praveen pravi says:

    GTX 1060 version link please!

    Algene Yandall says:

    Can you do a review of asus mv58?

    FailedPhilosopher233 says:

    Dave said there's a 1060 model, can anyone link me per chance?

    goku son says:

    asus rog gl553 or this?

    Dikel Febri says:

    Pleasee review Mi Notebook Pro Coffee lake pleaseee

    lhaiyo iyo says:

    ROG Strix GL702ZC

    Crimson Cimmerian says:

    Hi does anyone have this laptop yet? How is it holding up? I need reviews from actual people who bought and used this thing.

    Mark Thompson says:

    If only it had a 1050ti instead of 1050, it would've been the perfect laptop under $1000

    Dian Kurniawan says:

    its make my gl552vw looks ugly 😀 says:

    Hey man, when you are getting your hands on MI Notebook Pro? i would love to have a review from you on it.

    Debonair Gaming says:

    Great video once again! I am getting so inspired by your videos. I hope that when I create my own video seriies it will be enjoyed as much as your videos are. Thanks for your hard work and i look forward to more videos.

    Herby Osbourne says:

    which is newer the gl503 or gl553

    Mike Relvas says:

    What's the difference between GL and ZX regarding ASUS ROG laptops? The nomenclatures of PC models are really confusing. Great video!

    LJM2stepspain says:

    If this had come out a few months ago I would have gotten it instead of the dell 15" inspiron I got for work.

    overturned says:

    i got this laptop for a lot of money and performance was awful, and the screen was pretty terrible. the screen broke and stopped turning on after a month

    Sanad Alroied says:

    Please do tha last video in the Steam machine please please

    FrootLoop says:

    why is gaming equipment always so fugly?

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