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    RGB in a flippin’ chair. Need we say more?

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    EmbazzGames says:

    $399!!!$399!!!! -Pewdiepie

    Dylan N says:

    someone literally predicted this in the rgb monitor comments

    Theodore Winston says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't care for rgb stuff? I just want my machine to function with maximum reliability and above-average performance. Bonus points if it's small and quiet.

    EmbazzGames says:

    Waiting for the Razer RGB Chair Mercury White edition 🙂

    JonatasAdoM says:

    Isn't there enough visual/light pollution in the streets already!?

    ebennett365 says:

    Stop with the RGB lighting!

    # knumbskulls says:

    Is CES over?

    Nick Silyayev says:

    time to make rgb butt plug for gamers they'll like it

    2804Caio br says:

    The RGB technology really sounds super cool but why would I want that in the back of my chair?

    Charles Wetzel says:

    As a person who wears glasses, never in my life have I thought, "You know what would be great for gaming? A light directly behind my head at eye level that will undoubtedly create a glare in my glasses." I hope for Vertagear's sake that the lights aren't too bright.

    xSaraxMxNeffx says:

    "dbrand dbrand dbrand; razer; dbrand dbrand."

    Supreme bum says:

    Check pudipies chair

    zmilqn says:

    These rgb things are just getting ridiculous

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