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The Prison Break Heist – GTAV Online Cinematic Series

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  • Can we do it? Can we pull off a Heist in GTA!?

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    “Happy Happy Game Show”
    “Mistake The Getaway”
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

    “Neebs Gaming Intro” – by Hank and Jed © Copyright – Hank and Jed / Hank and Jed (889211211401)

    “Wingy Dang-Dang” – by Hank and Jed © Copyright – Hank and Jed / Hank and Jed (888174285504)


    Falcon says:

    Platinum content

    Nia Aqua says:

    I was thinking there's no way they did that their first try…..

    David Shelton says:

    Simon deserved a larger cut

    TicTac78801 says:

    That missile dodge is what Rockstar Editor was made for. Clean edits with smooth change in speed and beautiful shots. Kept on watching that one moment due to its pure badassery of the event and the edits. Props to you, editor and Simon

    Ronan Ward says:

    6:27 That missile dodge was amazing!

    TheEvilFreak says:

    Do more vids like this one

    MGP101 says:

    So, so, good! Keep up the phenomenal work!

    William Halterman says:

    Fuckin' Simon in intense situations. He manages it like a pro.

    nick pillow says:

    Simon dodging that missile was probably the best thing I've ever seen Simon do

    Rocky Bergen says:

    Please keep these coming!

    Harvey Green says:

    When I played this with my friends it was fucking ridiculous. It took us like 20 attempts and when we thought we got to the end I wound up crushing my entire team with the helicopter when I landed on the beach. They didn't speak to me for weeks.

    J Smooth says:

    I just noticed on 2nd viewing the sound effects of the celebration carrying through Wingy Dang-Dang during the credits. Touché you fancy beasts (touché isn't really the word to use there, I just like saying it).

    cgATOMBOMB says:

    If any one still plays gta on ps3 add cgATOMBOMB OR whentheweedhits need players to do heists with

    Matus Skalican says:

    How many tries did it take to record this vid? When i played this heist there was always a guy that crashes the plane or prisoner that gets killed. 😀

    Matt Beyer says:

    Can we see that bad ass red jeep in more vids

    shady hawk says:

    neebs looks like julian from trailer park boys.

    Tythen0 says:

    That shot of Simon dodging that missile with the sun and the jet in the background should be a poster!

    southskene says:

    These videos are getting outrageously spectacular!! The best shot has to be 6:32 when Simon dodges a missile like a pro. you guys just keep outdoing yourselves

    k looper says:

    omfg you guys are fukin funny. and the suspense too! dangum pewdie pie better watch out. give it a couple more years . but you guys have found something unique that nobody else is doing, and ya'll are doing it very well. my favorite channel right here. ive turned all my friends onto you guys, and each one came back to thank me

    s27z says:

    Holy shit your editing is getting awesome! Keep up the great work guys!

    Reneagade Cooler says:

    (BFFSB1) fans of battlefield friends support the cause and get battlefield friends battlefield 1 episodes to happen. Type (BFFSB1) and show your support.

    sarah deimert says:

    i love your vids and im a bf4 jet master

    Player No1 says:

    i could watch this shit all day hope yous plan to do them all

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