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The Most Powerful Characters In Gaming Ever # 22

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  • This series is all about video game characters who have left me in awe at their power, whether it’s the ability to survive a boulder falling on their head, colossal earth-shattering strength, sheer dominance over the game they’re in, etc.

    For episode 22, we visit the Sonic series and try to find out who the strongest character in the series may be.


    Dragon empress says:

    This made me love Cream more thank you. And what is her mom feeding her? Well veggies make you big and strong.

    Doggamer2074 says:

    Something to note about Cream in Sonic Heroes actually. She's capable of using Cream to attack enemies, AND HE IS SO POWERFUL! For example, there are golden enemies, and if they capture your teammates for long enough, they'll faze through a wall, and disappear, becoming un-usable. There's nothing you can do to get them back, Unless you're Cream the Rabbit. If Fliers are by themselves, they do their own attacks. Tails and Rouge throw fake rings, Charmy stings stuff with his Stinger, and Cream has Cheese, which will attack the top priority of enemies. And let me tell ya something, CHEESE IS INSANE! HE ONE SHOTS ALMOST EVERYTHING! AND REMEMBER THOSE GOLDEN ENEMIES THAT TAKE YOUR TEAMMATES FOREVER? CREAM AND CHEESE JUST LAUGH AT THEM, AND KILL THEM, BRINGING YOUR TEAM BACK! So yeah, just wanted to tell you all this information about our little Rabbit friend.

    Larry Koopa says:

    Who would win?

    The entire cast of a franchise that is based of a blue super-sonic hedgehog.


    One Creamy Girl.

    KesorodaBlk says:

    Isn't she also playable in Sonic Battle?

    Jackson Atlas says:

    Cheese pinned me against a wall.
    Can I get pinned by whoisthisgit as well?

    Sonicgott says:

    Cream Cheese? And her mother’s name is Vanilla? Hardy har har. :p

    omni-king zeno says:


    Perrin Lundy says:

    Yeah est but actually useful when you get her

    lilbonsly says:

    If Cream was in Forces there wouldn't be a game cause she'd have kicked Ininite's ass easily

    Scort Mcbuzzkillington says:

    What is it with underage overpowered characters?

    Alaya 1020 says:


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