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The Most Insane Workstation + Gaming Setup

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  • Samsung CHG90 Monitor –

    The Samsung CHG90 is the widest monitor I’ve ever seen. It’s 49-inches of widescreen immersion. In this video I mount the Samsung CHG90 onto a futuristic gaming chair to create the ultimate experience. Is the CHG90 the ultimate gaming display?


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    Unbox Therapy says:

    What game would you play on a setup like this?

    Joey Spijer says:

    Looks like he got himself a nice new chair

    Dustin 044 says:

    The first thing I would do is jerk off

    sebastien chapelain says:

    The video just got better cause Blade Runner!

    Ricky B says:

    i'd play destiny 2

    silentcid says:

    What kind of chair is that?

    lil'john PH says:

    Try to play dota 2 dude

    roibloxin27 says:

    (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

    Dreyvenguile brionessgwapo says:

    what game will i play if im sitting right there? ok heres my ( Lists )
    1 CS:GO
    2 Need For Speed
    3 Any Aircraft Simulators
    4 PubG

    CloakedCedric says:

    I would feel like a god in Cities:Skyline with that setup

    aaronpiper92 says:

    that would make it a one epic game of minesweeper

    Dyshoreh Coosa says:

    whats the chair thing you hooked the monitor to

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