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The Game Awards 2017

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  • Tune in for The Game Awards 2017 and find out who the biggest winners of 2017 are.


    GameSpot says:

    What's your GOTY?

    Geo Dash xClockinx says:

    Overwatch < rainbow six siege t o b e h o n e s t

    Squiddy Squissy says:

    can it get worst than this

    Dank Gamer says:

    Zelda shouldn’t of won it’s the most boring game on earth and plus did u see Reggie when they won he looked like he was about to kill someone

    Warren C says:

    Jesus h Christ, I don't know who that french band is but they played some amazing music. They're 2 hours and 4 minutes in roughly for reference.

    dat guy says:

    ijustine said student film fucking kill me

    jodiexalazar2 says:

    Lol so that was who I iDubbz got that accent from

    Leonidas Br says:

    Persona losing the best ost Award??? WTF???!!

    King K. Rool says:

    Breath Of The Wild wins. We already saw that from a mile away.

    Thesupremegamer says:

    I miss Hydrobot, he was sick…..

    SamBread says:

    I've always wondered what Senua would look like with makeup. I can die in peace now…

    Flickyhecky says:

    This Crapfest wouldn't go on for over 3 hours if they cut all the adverts and shit! Pewdipie ripped this one apart! It's all hype and bullshit!

    dotch says:

    Stop liking this stupid fucking shit.

    5 Of 12 Monkeys says:


    Smoking With Richy says:


    madscientist 666 says:

    Best racing games is forza 7 ? I thought gran turismo. Maybe it focused on simulator than fun think

    Espenino says:

    me: this will be interesting.
    Best Strategy Game – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle comes up
    Me: oooh, i forgot, these awards are a joke.

    Mohammed Al Muahiri says:

    I love how they slapped battle front by the micro transactions joke XD

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