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The FASTEST Gaming Laptop Screen!

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  • Dave2D review of the 15″ MSI GE63 Raider. The best gaming laptop from MSI for competitive gamers. 120 Hz Screen (3 ms) and GTX 1060 / 1070 configs
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    Dave Lee says:

    This is THE smoothest and fastest screen I've ever used on a laptop. It straight up plays like a desktop gaming panel. Thanks for watching 2d fam!

    RaptorM82 says:

    how to tame horse in minecraft

    varun kathuria says:

    Please review Dell Inspiron 7577 GTX 1060 version Dave. Awaiting for your suggestions before buying it.

    Keshav Choudhary says:

    sad.. that TN panel is huge deal breaker for me.

    s4vig3 says:

    I like your quality and the fact that you're accurate with your reviews

    Naveen Sihag says:

    ||DELL 7577|| is out in market so please Dave give an overview on it, because I'm planning to buy it. Is it worth it??||

    Yahtadi Shidiq says:

    Its so t h i c c. There is the 14inch version that has exactly same screen but with 1050/1050ti or something

    Daniel Silva says:

    Hey Dave, Im a big fan of your videos since the start! I have always wanted to know were can I download those wallpapers, either if they were made by you or by someone else, can you provide me with a link? thank you! 🙂

    SirKingTacozTheFirst says:

    My friend bought this for basic usage…

    Anmol Dhar says:

    Dave , can you please review new Dell Inspiron 7000 ( It comes with latest 8th gen processor and I will only buy after your review.

    Yasin Abir says:

    this guy lives in canada or korea?

    Oxatium says:

    I'm doing well. Thanks for asking 😀

    Juan Zumba says:

    so 3ms is the fastest response time a lapton screen can get? in 2017? why?

    Abhishek Basavaraj says:

    Yo if you don't mind Dave, please change your exiting dialogue…

    Bao Pico says:

    No internal view?
    The build quality is lower than 7567, Omen 2017

    AusDaes says:

    2000$ if wondering

    Elias Housseini says:

    fastest screen -_-

    Shnazy Pants says:

    its not out yet but asus rog's chimera has a 144hz screen

    Smirnoff Vodka says:

    review a clevo laptop, clevo is a company that actually makes the laptops that some brands as acer sell, they have the special way of selling by letting you choose what to put in your pc, this allowes you to customise it to your budget preferences and priorities or buy it without stuff such as ram hard drives and ssd's and install them yourself to safe that extra money. they also come with windows and office as an option that allready safes you 200-350 bucks. now may call me weird since other 'repetitive' brands sell the same for around the same price this (if you live in europe) is the only way to get a laptop with equal performance for the same price as you guys over sea in america without paying 200+ more
    if you do review a clevo laptop at some point thanks 🙂

    Arafat Khan says:

    Hey…where is the animation in the ending…?

    Jaswanth And Bros says:

    Plz reply msi or razer what is best for gaming

    Ray Wei says:

    Can you put the product name in the title?

    Hafidh Abrar says:

    this could costs around $2k in my country

    Mark Dannon says:

    You gotta break stuff, Dave.

    Felipe II Estrada says:

    Can you share your wallpapers?

    Slimy Crafter says:

    Ok I think of buying it

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