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The Dream Wireless PC Gaming Setup – Corsair K63 & Dark Core Mouse | CES 2018

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  • CES 2018 – Is this the The Dream Wireless PC Gaming Setup?Corsair has unveiled a family of new Wireless PC Gaming peripherals – including the K63 Wireless Mechanical Back-lit Keyboard, Dark Core RGB Wireless Mouse and MM1000 Qi Mouse.

    Big thanks to and Corsair for bringing me to CES 2018!

    The Wireless PC Gaming Setup of our Dreams
    Corsair Unleashes Suite of Wireless PC Gaming Gear

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    GamerTech says:

    Glad you could make the trip to CES !
    Btw, Logitech released G613 last year, which is also a wireless mechanical keyboard (without RGB, but with a much better battery life).

    mcbass729 says:

    I was a little dissapointed with the logitech wireless offering for mechanical keyboards (so so build quality). I can't wait until wireless mechanical is wide spread. I would love it if Razer came out with a wireless keyboard to match with my wireless naga.

    phil john s says:

    looking a awesome bit kit ! depends £ tho

    GoonerBuller says:

    You need to correct this, I own the Logitech wireless mechanical keyboard

    Garyx24 says:

    Sticking with my newly purchased surface wireless keyboard, it's one year battery life LOL. Only issue I had was it was missing the volume wheel and I used that pretty often on my logitech g610. But bought a surface dial and that solved that.

    PCTechHub says:

    Nice. Yes a nice tidy but responsive wireless setup would be very welcome. The option to still revert to wired is really nice too.
    Enjoy your trip Tom.

    CthuluPrawn says:

    I'd never by a keyboard without a numpad . Screws up my muscle memory too much for number entry. I think I'm in the minority though. Mouse sounds interesting however .

    Rick Morris says:

    Love the lapboard, I’ve been wanting something like this so I can stay on the sofa and not use a controller.

    Meng C says:

    I love your videos but…1) "no one has done this before": Logitech has done this before..2) not the best of both worlds because the keyboard is not RGB. With that said I really do love your videos. Keep at it!!

    Mark Smith says:

    It doesn't have the volume wheel. Will they be expanding the tech into their higher boards?

    Dan L says:

    I'm still waiting for new Lightspeed Wireless Mouse from Logitech at CES 2018.

    Robert Davis says:

    Logitech have but no RGB

    KottonJr says:

    This is siiick

    Chris Walker says:

    That new wireless power charging tech could charge all your perifs, and probably contribute to you getting cancer even sooner.

    G Player says:

    Definitely a nice keyboard and mouse. If i upgrade from my 10-15 years old Logitech G15 will Corsair K63 serve me another 10 or 15 years?

    John Hanson says:

    Just bought the Anne pro and the Logitech g403. I still would buy these too. I’m addicted!!!

    John Hanson says:

    Just bought the Anne pro and the Logitech g403. I still would buy these too. I’m addicted!!!

    Thomas says:

    Logitech has a wireless mechanical keyboard! The G613. It's not RGB but it is on the market.

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