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The Big F***ing Gaming Display – HP Omen X 65 | CES 2018

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  • We looked at nVidia’s Big “Format” Gaming Display at CES 2018, primarily featuring an HP Omen X 65, ASUS 65-inch BFGD, and Acer BFGD.
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    Host: Steve Burke
    Video: Andrew Coleman


    Gamers Nexus says:

    If you like products with silly names, you might also like Corsair's, uh, Qi Spot:

    Roman Hill says:

    Yeah, try to reach 120 FPS on 2160p with a AAA game. We need DX12/Vulkan multi adapter support… :/

    The Ignorant Philosopher says:

    Ya, that's all well and good of course, but frankly I think it's rather useless.
    However, if I could get an equivalent 32:9 or 21:9 1440p display, with freesync thank you, and preferably quite a bit smaller, I'd be quite happy.

    Boredom Junkie says:

    Oh man, that intro…

    jon says:

    So this can function as a dumb TV?

    That’d be worth the premium over Sony’s or LG’s best smart TVs.

    Seymor Onion says:

    OLED? IPS? Viewing angle?

    namefinder says:

    I need a bigger room.

    mcgman 80 says:

    Its not so much pushing 4k at 120hz. Its having the option to dropto 1440 at 120hz. And also using 4k 60. Honestly why launch with a 65". I hope they offer 49".

    mcgman 80 says:

    Omg i want one now. I hope they are around 2k. What is the response time ?

    SpirallingOut says:

    I just want a monitor costing no more than $1500(USD) that's 35-40"/1440p/200Hz/G-sync/IPS/HDR/1-4ms r.t. and No RGB or spaceship-styled case (matte finish plastic or brushed metal instead). If they can do this, they can make my ultimate monitor. I really don't want to get that gimmicky Predator X35 or the PG35VQ.

    angles711 says:

    i need a 43inch version please nvidia

    MAsterTroll says:

    it's a 4k.. yet you don't describe the resolution

    Luis Ortiz says:

    I’m so excited for this!
    Fuck playing on a small screen! No more!

    BRUXXUS says:

    Gonna put out my guess for price. $9,999-$14,999

    edit: Probably closer to $5,000-$7,000 now that I think about it.

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