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Team WE vs Lyon Gaming | Day 1 of S7 LoL Worlds 2017 Play-in Stage | WE vs LYN G1

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  • LYN vs WE G1 lol worlds 2017 – Lyon Gaming vs Team WE. Day 1 of Season 7 lol eSports World Championship 2017 in China.
    LoL eSports S7 WORLDS 2017 – Team WE vs Lyon Gaming Pla-Ins | League of Legends Worlds 2017 LYN vs WE G1 VOD 1080p Full HD.
    First match of Stream 1 – Lyon Gaming vs Team WE best of 1.
    WE vs LYN G1 full game in HD 1080p.

    Team WE Line-up:
    957 – Top Cho’Gath
    condi – Jungle Gragas
    Xiye – Mid Corki
    Mystic – ADC Xyaha
    Ben – Support Janna

    Lyon Gaming Line-up:
    Jirall – Top Maokai
    Oddie – Jungle Lee Sin
    Seiya – Mid Syndra
    Whitelotus – ADC Kog’Maw
    Genthix – Support Braum

    Patch: 7.18 – Season 7 (Ornn disabled)
    Game date: 23.09.2017 | 09/23/2017 | September 23rd 2017
    Game place: China, Wuhan Sports Center
    Casters: Vedius and Captain Flowers

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    EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library says:

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    jiexi zhang says:

    This game really felt fake… the late game is no difference than early game, Lyons strategy is still center kog but somehow mao stopped using ult proactively and syndra stopped stunning anyone… just compare early and late game teamfights you will see how different they are behaving

    NoobStory says:

    Be it Janna, the ardent or the coin, by now it's just abusing the poor maths of the game… Without having done anything, being 10cs down, 1 assist down, janna has almost 700g more than braum? By just existing? To me this is utter nonsense

    Franco Diaz says:

    una mierda el pick de oddi la verdad no hizo nada con ese lee

    seba OMGi says:

    Se puede banear pebetero ? Gg rito

    Pete Edberg says:

    Someone plz tell casters that WE's mid is pronounced "see-yeh"

    Pete Edberg says:

    WE's mid is pronounced "see-yeh"

    Pete Edberg says:

    WE's mid is pronounced "see-yeh"

    pokesakura says:

    Yo siempre he dicho que el baron se hace cuando hay 3 muertos en el equipo enemigo. Hay que ver mas Faker y Dopa. Pero bueno, seguimos adelante.

    galaxy why says:

    Ловите халяву пока есть коды

    aR0ttenBANANA96 says:

    Lyon are lookin good tbh they only lost cis they got vocky

    Banananana Toomoe says:

    The Janna ult at the end was brutal, IMO it closed out that fight

    Fernando Garcia Malakian says:

    Le Falta BarbaKhan a Lyon hubieran ganado mas izi v:

    Javier Aldana says:

    Vamos lyon en las buenas y en las malas mucho más!!

    Joey Rubbo says:

    Lyon lost the game when the went way too far in on Cho in that baron fight. They definitely could have won this game

    Phil Seid says:

    Did anyone else notice the flash from mystic at 36:15 ?
    He just flashed into the enemy team Oo?

    HenryAlman says:

    LYON's botlane playing pretty godlike throughout this game – side wave control and vision/overall macro a bit lacking from LYON, but such an impressive performance, particularly WhiteLotus and Genthix.

    Schwilezo EG says:


    Kilbasosas says:

    Who like SKT Like comment!!

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