Channel5 Gaming Planet Coaster movie coaster contest results! 72 contestants overall, and 3 winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd) for each bracket (beginners, builders, advanced & expert+). Each winner wins a steam game of their choice! [More]
—Official Synopsis— The man, the myth, the legend. Get to know Phillip Burnell a.k.a. DSP Gaming as you have never before in this bio-pic and follow his journey from fan-favorite YouTube gamer to the epitome [More]
Time to recap all Star Wars Movie, Gaming & Canon news from December 2017 including The Last Jedi, The Han Solo movie as well as Episode IX! Check out Alex’s channel: Get The Inferno [More]
War of the Worlds is my first successful attempt at a 4k coaster blueprint. It’s based on the 2005 motion picture with the same name. I didn’t go crazy on the tripods and explosions. I [More]
This is a 4K Coaster Blueprint based off of the game Fix It Felix JR. This game appears inside of the movie Wreck-It Ralph so, I decided to make it for the Channel 5 Gaming [More]
Today instead of a box fort video we decide to do an awesome house tour. We show off Papa Jakes new house and room tour with all the cool stuff it comes with. Our house [More]
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Casey Junior is a massive 4k rollercoaster blueprint based on the legendary train from the movie Dumbo. The ride is built to feel a bit like the very weird and scary Pink Elephant scene from [More]
Time to recap all Star Wars Movie, Gaming & Canon news from November 2017! Check out Alex’s channel: Get The Inferno Squad Audiobook For Free: All my social media & links: BFUpdates [More]