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Escape from Tarkov a realistic first person hardcore shooter game. It plays like an RPG and so far has been fun! New Game Escape from Tarkov Gameplay Live!! If you play Escape from Tarkov be [More]
Epic and funny gaming moments in Battlefront 2, LA Noire, Wolfenstein 2, Gears 4, AC Origins, Ghost Recon Wildlands, CSGO, R6S, BF4, BF1, GTA V, PUBG and more! 🎮 ►► SUBMIT YOUR MOMENT: ◀◀ [More]
In this video I discuss the possibility of future DLC’s in GTA Online and if so what Rockstar could possibly do at this point! If you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like [More]
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Today instead of a box fort video we decide to do an awesome house tour. We show off Papa Jakes new house and room tour with all the cool stuff it comes with. Our house [More]
It is is patch day for 1.75 and one of the first things we picked up was the new B1 ter Premium Pack. This vehicle has two cannons. The top turret is armed with a [More]
MASSIVE PLANE DESTRUCTION & MORE! – Disassembly 3D Gameplay – EP 4 Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play Disassembly 3D. Today we are crashing the massive airplane and other creations including the computer and phone [More]
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