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Stromberg review! – GTA Online guides

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  • In this video I take a look at the Stromberg! A submersible car equipped with weapons added as part of the Doomsday heist DLC in GTA Online!

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    Ethan Storm says:

    This car says James Bond all over it

    guus thijs says:

    This car is pretty usefull because you can get rid of people that are trying to kill you when you have some sort of business going on, when underwater it is muvh harder to die rrom enemy bullets or rockets, so this car is pretty usefull for people who cant fight or dont want to

    brandon dymock says:

    do you have to do research to unlock the attachments 🙁

    XxRec0nSilencer , says:

    You don't need to use it in the water dumbass and it has rockets that locks on and shoots fast. And if you need to get away just go in the water. So did I change your mind a bit.

    SUICID3 ST3v3n says:

    It can survive jets and can get away from anything once the cars under water and the guns on the car are stronger than other weaponize vehicles in my perspective it worth buy

    Definitely Not Ben says:

    That's it, while I'm going to keep watching this channel, I'm done with GTA V. The rinse and repeat crap has finally gotten to me. I'm deleting it right now, at least it will free up 80+ Gb of space

    Skeletor Gamer says:

    Is this a super car?

    Ibrahim khalid says:

    Where are the car reviews ??????

    David Blandy says:

    It's a very useful car as I used it the other day to take out an apc that was after me in the water, also ideal if you're getting chased by a few other players just jump straight into the water

    xiNinja says:

    Hay if u want some game play of the double action revoler (red dead gun) i have it so just tell me

    Rulingmoss 55 says:

    Useful or not, I'd still fucking want this car.

    E Savvage says:

    Do stromberg vs deluxo its obviously the deluxo but it could make a good review/vs video

    Kaga san says:

    umm the huge submarine is the russian typhoon class

    Nighthawk-Walz says:

    I know that this doesn't make it nearly worth it, but the Stromberg has the strongest fixed mg out of any car I've seen. Civilian cars are dead within a few seconds rather that a few minutes

    Mantikor says:

    The glitch with throwing stickys etc out of the windows while submerged works when the pane is broken. At least that was the thing for me and my buddy, I crashed the car a few times smashing the right front pane, and he held a sticky out, when we dived the glass wasn't repaired and he could still aim his grenades

    Matthew Unterberger says:

    Yo pyrealm i have all of the dlc stuff and 170 mil so if you ever need anything add me username on pc is MatthewDWU

    mrmogensen says:

    You should do a video on the new criminal starter pack cashgrab they just released

    The Milsim Photographer ArmyDude208 says:

    Can you please make a video on the comet safari?

    RanDoM ShiT says:

    Looks like the Bullet but more badass

    Xestern says:

    A blazer-aqua but with missiles, protection and as a car? Ain't as cool as the Blazer but like it

    AJ Jackson says:

    I’d rather just have a de’lorian

    Steven Wee says:

    Do tips on how to survive an orbital strike

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