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Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Pro Gameplay – First 15 Minutes

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  • Here’s an early look at some Shadow of the Colossus gameplay running on PS4 Pro.
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    MihaSith says:

    they need to remake the last guardian!

    DrkShd says:

    cant wait to see secret garden in HD version

    Waspy says:

    New colossus o no buy

    Stugamer26 says:

    Look likes the same storyteller of the Ori and the Blind Forest

    RoadSamurai says:

    Voice sounds like he's drunk

    The_EXxtra says:

    I hope they add an option to change the UI color to the original colors.

    Sevastian Preciado says:

    The closed caption is funny to watch the interpretation of the language

    Oso Loco says:

    I bet Monster Hunter World looks and plays great on the PS4 Pro. Too bad I don't have one to enjoy it… Wink

    WilfreMH says:

    I bought the original on PS2, I also bought the remaster on PS3… but I am literally unable to buy it on PS4. It is a gorgeous game, but I wish they gave a 50% discount at least for the people that have bought it on PS3. Can't appreciate the remake because I am watching videos on 144p because of data limitations and hurricane María messing up everything.

    jared chappell says:

    Do a let's play! This game has some fun secrets!

    Carbon xP says:

    Gotta say you’re pretty smart about the shit you upload. Always new shit that people are hyped to see

    A Breivik says:

    coming on february 2028

    jorge montiel says:

    backgrounds and colossi look pretty good, but both human charcaters look pretty bad, look cheap

    Muscle Mog says:

    Arekkz! Any word on when advanced weapon guides for MHW can be expected? 🙂

    dirty dan says:

    Yooooooooo that ontro

    DragonWarrior Kennedy says:

    I love the new into

    Espartano 301 says:

    60 fps ??? Oh my God !!!!

    Declan Merritt says:

    Oooo new intro

    Robert Smith says:

    This…..this game here is going to make me buy a ps4 just for this. Been playing since Atari and still, possibly the greatest game ove ever played outside of MGS on ps2 or ICO

    TAGameplay says:

    Has anyone been able to find the physical special edition available in Canada? I really want that version of this game. Its one of my all time favorites. Luckily, they were nice enough to give PS3 collection owners free icons but i would love the SOTC theme on my PS4.

    Wetw0rk says:

    Shadow of the Colossus is my favourite game of all time and I'm very jealous of those who have never experienced the game before. I hope you all enjoy it.

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