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Sennheiser GSP 600 Professional Gaming Headset

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  • Serious gamers need serious equipment. When the competition steps up, the GSP 600 professional gaming headset delivers. Ergonomically designed ear pads and adjustable headband ensure superior wearing comfort. Freedom of movement is secured by the durable metal hinge system ensuring a perfect fit that allows you to fully experience exceptional audio performance.

    Compatible with PC and consoles with a 3.5mm jack input

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    mquirozz says:

    Gamer doesnt automatically mean Black and Red. Can we get some neutral plain black or white?

    Jose Alberto Archilla says:

    FFS why can't you guys come out with a stealth color gaming headset like the rest of you're professional grade hardware?

    Daniel Lozano Pizarro says:

    Is it glasses friendly?

    yazoonski says:

    Really? You release it now? NOW!? I just bought the HD 650's…

    Deleted Programming says:

    Will you ever release an open back version Sennheiser? I have the GSP 300 but it's pretty bad on PS4 as there's no mic monitoring option 🙁

    Cher RS says:

    $329 for Canadians ): …. sad days

    Prasad Naik says:

    Even Sennheiser couldn't stop itself from using the Hans Zimmer esque music just because it's a gamer headset. Also, orange.

    TheNova711 says:

    Does this have 7.1 surround sound?

    VillenMillenion says:

    looks like a GSP 300 had an overdose with steroids

    EDG3 Gamer says:

    Where i can find information about the drivers in this headset?

    Mohamed Naveeth says:

    Give me one of them I will honest review

    2K Demigod says:

    Is this for pc mainly or can you use with consoles just as fine

    Kim Honkaniemi says:

    I had sennheiser game zero. Great headphones except they sounds like shit. I downloaded eq and it got little better. I bought 2weeks ago hd600 and modmic and they are so much better. I have a feeling that those new GSP 600 will sound the same as game zero :I

    Sweaty Ass Crack says:

    if i tatoo senheiser on my arm can i get a freeheadset?

    Oğul SARIKAYA says:

    Finally a good innovation. Metal hinges and adjustable contact pressure.

    I have been using thousands of headsets through my 20 years of gaming life and unfortunately most of them had the failure of cracking because of bad hinge and support design. To avoid this problem :

    1 – Always remove your headset by using your both hands and pull them by using the same force off your ears. Do not remove the headset from one side and by one hand all the time; this will simply weaken and plasticise the hinge on that side which will result in failure.

    2 – When you are done with your headset, try to hang it balanced on something. Like over a hanger or a simple nail.

    Still, if metal hinge is connected to a weak plastic support it will break from there. I hope they found an elastic solution for that part of the headset.

    Adjustable contact pressure is a lovely feature. This will let people have a more customized comfort option for longer gaming sessions. Unfortunately, these days headset either squeeze hard like the tentacles of a mythological kraken or falls down over your head like autumn leaves.

    What disappointed me about this product is its being a multi-platform headset. Marketingwise it is a good decision to sell for all users. But PC users will not be fully satisfied to go through and experience a simplistic and nullified sound quality. In my opinion, there should be a PC version which should be able to benefit from amplifiers, DACs etc. And a standard one for console users where they wont be needing an additional peripheral.

    Still, too early to talk about this headset, especially without giving it a try. But hopefully it will turn out to be decent one.

    Anas Bawla says:

    pls give me

    MIxosmefistous says:

    Hey Sennheiser, how does these compare to my Sennheiser Game One headset? I've got it for over a year now and i am loving the sound quality compared to my old usb headset the Logitech G35, but even after 1 year of use , i have yet to get used to the directional audio of my stereo Game One Headset. I bought it pretty expensive at 200 Euros and i am using it with my onboard audio on the Z170x Gaming 3 Motherboard and i am not using any software to alter the sound at all, i just have it all on default.

    Are there any tips you can give me on how i can improve my directional audio with my current headset(software wise and hardware wise) and can you compare the 2 headsets, the Game One and the GSP 600 in terms of audio only?

    killerjerick mcjerick says:

    These look pretty awesome, I've already got some Sennheiser HD8 DJ headphones that I use for gaming, but I gotta admit, I'm tempted to grab a pair of GSP 600's because they look so damn beautiful.

    Halo Jasa says:

    can u tell me what driver this headset based on ? i guess hd 600 or 650 right ??

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