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Semifinals | CLOUD9 vs TRIBE GAMING [ Part 1] Razer 2017 Vainglory World Championship

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  • Razer 2017 Vainglory World Championship
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    trien bui says:

    i think the C9 can win because they use the Adam to separate TRIBE for Vox and Blackfather having a space to kill Rona. Initially, C9 lose because they do not focus to kill Rona.

    trien bui says:

    i just say "Unbelievable" Cloud 9

    Aura says:


    Lu Gerard says:

    Who knows where is Cullthemeek D:

    Zulu Waters says:

    thats the first time ive seen c9 not have a answer… wow im bout to hop in soloq

    KnaveTheBrave says:

    oldskool 🙁

    Leviathan 1337 says:

    That second game was bad for tribe to focus the ardan

    2016 says:

    One of the greatest comebacks in VG I’ve ever seen

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