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Room Tour Project 115 – Best Gaming Setups!

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    — In3rtia —
    ASUS ROG PG279Q Monitor:
    Logitech G810 Keyboard:
    Logitech G900 Mouse:
    Corsair Polaris RGB Mouse Pad:
    Klipsch ‘The Sixes’ Speakers:
    Corsair 800D Case:
    AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU:
    Gigabyte AX370-Gaming 5 Mobo:
    Samsung 960 EVO M.2 250GB:
    Nvidia GTX Titan X (Maxwell) GPU:
    Philips Hue Bloom:
    RGB Light Strip:

    — Marc Q —
    Asus PG279Q 27″ Monitor:
    Asus PA238QR 23″ monitor:
    Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard:
    Corsair M65 Mouse:
    Red and Black Mousepad:
    Logitech Z506 Speakers:
    Sennheiser GAME ZERO Headset:
    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv TG Case:
    Intel 5930K CPU:
    Corsair H100i V2 AIO:
    16 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM:
    EVGA 1080 FTW GPU:
    Corsair LL RGB Fans:
    RGB Light Strip:

    — Bryan C —
    Asus ROG PG279Q Monitor:
    Acer X223W Monitor:
    Corsair Strafe RGB Keyboard:
    Corsair White PBT Double Shot Keycaps:
    Logitech G900 Mouse:
    Asus Sheath Mousepad:
    Audioengine A2+ Speakers:
    Audioengine DS1 Speaker Stand:
    Corsair Void Wireless RGB Headset:
    Blue Yeti Blackout Mic:
    Anidees AI-Crystal Tempered Case:
    Intel i7 7700K CPU:
    Corsair H115i Hydro AIO:
    MSI Z170 A Pro Mobo:
    GSkill Trident Z RGB RAM:
    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW GPU:
    EVGA Power Link:

    — Bombing Jupiter —
    Dell UltraSharp 27” Monitors:
    Logitech G502 ProteusSpec Mouse:
    G910 Orion Spark Keyboard:
    CORSAIR MM300 Extended Mouse Pad:
    Audio-Technica ATH M40x Headphones:
    Peavey PR15 15:
    NZXT S340 Case:
    Intel i5 7600K CPU:
    NZXT Kraken x62 AIO:
    ASUS PRIME Z270 AR Mobo:
    Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM:
    ASUS GTX 1080 Turbo 8GB GPU:
    RGB Light Strip:

    — Harman S —
    LG 29UM67P 29″ Monitor:
    Corsair M65 Pro RGB Pro Mouse:
    Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard:
    Reflex Lab Large Extended Pad:
    Intel i5-6600K CPU:
    Thermaltake Gravity i2 Cooler:
    GIGABYTE GA-Z170N Mobo:
    16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM:
    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW ACX 3 GPU:
    NZXT Manta Case:
    RGB Light Strip:

    ***If you want to submit your setup:
    1. Upload 10-15 photos of your setup, PC (open & closed), and all gear/peripherals to an Imgur album (IMGUR ONLY, nothing else)
    2. Include in the email your entire PC specs and all gear/peripherals you have
    3. Send the IMGUR link in an email to

    My Camera Gear:
    • BlackMagic URSA Mini Camera:
    • Canon 5D Mark IV:
    • Sigma 18-35 Lens:
    • Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
    • Aputure LED Light:
    • Rhino Slider:
    • Blackmagic Video Assist:
    • Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:

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    Jakub Antos says:

    holy Sh*t Marc Q's and my set up have so much in common! Same chair, mouse, keyboard, and almost the same monitor and mouse pad wow!

    BitTrolling says:

    i like the snow overlay

    BitTrolling says:

    i thumbed up> dittled

    Ejuice says:

    to be honest, you talk really slow……..

    Ramaswamy S says:

    Snow thing is dope

    matta73 says:

    All of these setups helped me have a good 2 monitor setup. Thanks Frank

    Dovetale says:

    I love it when people leave their mess ups in the video for comedic effect. Diddled indeed!

    PlasmaTomato YT says:

    Merry Christmas Frank thanks for fire videos

    Sloth Gaming says:

    Pretty Noice

    Sleepy Eyez Carter says:

    Booming Jupiter is my favorite.

    ItsVicHD says:

    Merry Christmas

    Jascha Amiel Malik says:

    All of my favorite anime are ending NOOOOOO!!!!!!

    RiseTigerGaming says:

    Can you do a cable management video?

    Yunior Gamboa says:

    Merry Christmas Frank

    Miguel Perez says:

    that snow flake affect legit my friend awesome setups on episode 115.

    Penaario MLG says:

    Merry christmas!

    Lijane Qwer says:

    Merry Christmas random . The Best Tech youtuber. I tought that dittled pc would not look so nice.

    MCGamerCripen123 says:

    What desc does in3rtia have?

    Dave Bailey says:

    Looking forward to a new year and more of your videos.

    Vineet Yerramsetti says:

    This should be called rich people setups

    TheHappiestLeprechaun says:

    Can you start linking the desk people have?

    TheHappiestLeprechaun says:

    Whoa it's snowing in your room!!!! Isn't it not cold?

    Lucas Talbert says:

    How long is the wait after submission? I submitted over a month ago with nothing yet.. just curious

    Will Swafford says:

    Like if you get it

    JurrasicJeff says:

    Frank looks like the skinny penis guy. He also sounds like him. Merry Christmas everyone!

    My Name Jeff says:

    C L E A R  F L U I D

    Elliot Noteware says:

    Dittles #tastetherainbow

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