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Roblox: Escape Grandma Obby! [Annoying Orange]

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    Jarod Skaff says:

    Pear was a pterodactyl once.

    Clyde Playz ROBLOX says:

    AO play some bloxburg

    The Mario Brothers Joseph says:

    Escape the grandmas teeth and whole body

    Laila Chavarria says:

    Orange like tthe new look

    the epic spycrab says:

    you ever heard of a chocolate orange?

    Unicorn Nation says:

    Orange if you see this play cuphead plz I love your vids like pretty lady likes you from cuphead plz answer me plz

    Kelly Scott says:

    I want to be a terex

    Brian Cruz says:

    Can you friend me Orange May ñame is Skyskybrian

    Angelica Cornejo says:

    I play that game a lot when Im bored I wish I can play with u

    Kashaf Ali says:

    Orange,you should play more obbies.

    Peggy Sharp says:

    Orange what happened to your avatar

    Landon Rodriguez says:

    I have to follow you

    Roselle Ostendorf says:

    Why are you taking the pictures roblox think he end up making it into yours

    vRTX999 0 says:

    Happy New Year to you orange

    vRTX999 0 says:

    Happy oof year

    JayyContentEntertainment says:

    My my! Look how you've grown.

    Kayla Spencer says:

    Play Sims 4

    Walther Aragon says:

    did you noticed at 0:45 there was HOT LAVAAAAA

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