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Roblox: Escape from Spongebob Obby #1 [Annoying Orange Plays]

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    Minion Shadic The Hedgehog says:

    Orange do not make a part 2 of the game this game is a clickbait it doesn't save your data play speed run v do not end it in the candy level nova dosent save data make it too long like 45:56 or 45 minutes not ten minutes try your best play with me and dasupasmartie my name in Roblox is MinionShadic

    TheDiamondBurger says:

    hi annoying orange u funny but cool

    Ana Macias says:

    You should react to madia the halloween movies

    real nobes says:


    Juan Carlos Antonio says:

    It was not jake the snake

    Phalkunsothea Um says:

    Were do u sleeP on a table or a bedaq

    tom Tom says:

    Your Hillary's orange I'm your biggest fan orange

    Natalie Elizabeth Irwin says:

    Know you are great

    Natalie Elizabeth Irwin says:

    No one is going to take you away

    Mesut Bektaş says:


    scott harrison says:

    i played this game on robbox on sunday 1

    Gaming USA says:

    Hey Orange, for your next gaming video, can you please play Fredbear's Fright?

    3Ree says:

    shocktober begins

    Lena Hunter says:

    Make a part 2

    Lord of Pineapples says:

    I went on that obby and I raged so hard

    Francine Gilbert says:

    A really awesome updated method for R0Bux i've been using is online here –

    daexplosive gamer says:

    I love you orange

    DrakoFist 12 says:

    i wish i can give u a PAT on the back get it( pat, krabby patty) and i wish PATrick

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