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RCV review! – GTA Online guides

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  • In this video I take a look at the RCV an “armored” vehicle added as part of the Doomsday heist DLC in GTA Online!

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    Creanzey says:

    Remember the good time when op stuff was cheap? Well now crap is expensive, and op stuff is just AS expensive… cant buy shit without working ur ass or real money in this game…

    2BuckChuck says:

    The more gta dlcs come out, the more useful your channel becomes

    XxRec0nSilencer , says:

    This vehicle would be better if you could shoot a flame out the top and tear gas and if it could take more of a hit because then you can set shit on fire and it would blow up eventually

    Tsas Bros says:

    RCV stands for rather crappy vehicle

    ĐαякΛяcнεя says:

    It can't even ram cars out of the way without losing 80% of its speed. A car half its size, the Insurgent, does much better.

    x says:

    Not everything is going to be amazing Jesus Christ it's a riot van

    Gilberto Gil says:

    Can someone tell me this damn song already

    FACE DOWN says:

    what do u mean "crap" you can do a lot of things with this like for instance Stirring Accelerating Reversing Panic siren and the water gun can u believe that?!

    WIGGY2DA 9 says:

    This is the biggest disappointment in the whole gta game

    Tihowiel says:

    3 Million what the fucking fuck

    Mazder_ says:

    this is made for riots and protests. sure, 'tis GTA Online, but you'd not want to kill hundreds if not thousands of protester with a double fucking machiner

    _TravA_ says:

    Jeez i have to watch reviews…i bought this shit and the first thing i did was throwing a granade at that and…Seriously 3.5 milion?

    Pietromagg says:

    Yall say this vehicle is crap, but who else remembers how people used to LOVE getting into fire trucks and shooting that water gun at people just to knock them over and troll them. That's what this thing is…and uparmored fire truck 😀 so chill your buttons and get your troll on!

    QsY_ 97 says:

    Ur voice is epic

    Freemode Gaming says:

    Man, this will ruin gta just like the hydra did! ITS F***ING TOO OP ROCKSTAR!

    Tubby Wub says:

    Was r* high when they added this Really Crappy Vehicle

    Nasrat Alharbi says:

    This van is overpriced even with it's discounted price!

    jamesip28 says:

    lmao really crappy vehicle

    H R says:

    R.C.V Really Crappy Vehicle…. wow!

    X80proto says:

    Brickade 2.0

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