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Razer Turns A Gaming Phone Into A Laptop, Project Linda Hands-on | CES 2018

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  • Razer always has something up its sleeve and at CES 2018, we tried out Project Linda. It’s a laptop that runs off the Razer Phone.

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    GameSpot says:

    Can you think of a good use for this technology?

    KE1R4N W says:

    I'd buy that!

    Malik Moore says:

    Vainglory is the best mobile moba

    R. Lee says:

    so basically a shitty tablet…

    thecoolguy010 says:

    So, this is basically the ASUS Padfone….

    travis meeks says:

    i like it.. reminds me of the first atrix way back 7 or 8 years ago.. think the second atrix had a laptop dock too.

    Kurosaka says:

    Nice but not necessary

    Olied says:

    A practical use for this that I can think of is like shared computers at a school where everyone can just dock their phone into the “laptop”

    Steve THERION says:

    People are dumb and they gonna buy this useless expensive Razer crap

    UrB0y P0p0 says:

    So u need the phone to play? No thanks

    Brutal-108 says:

    Looks cool and all, but I'd rather keep both my kidneys for now

    Ojas Arora says:

    What if you add the feature tgat the phones internet could be directly used in the laptop just by putting it in the dock?

    If its done then, veryyyy naiiice

    1stfloorguy says:

    Soon they will make a tablet that you can only use after you slide your phone into it

    Edreen Pasang says:

    What is razer is thinking ?

    miltonarijr says:

    Tell me one fuckin good reason fo invest in a cellphone and the whole adapter JUST TO PLAY instead buying or making a real fuckin gamer pc/laptop, just ONE REASON this is better than the second choice

    Jw Smith says:

    I like it. Windows needs to get on this.

    Leonardo Chacón Quesada says:

    But can it run Crysis???

    Steve L says:

    Too cheap, won't buy.

    CSRGamer says:

    Why not just invest into a real laptop or desktop?

    Brian Piccolo says:

    so u cant use your computer unless u have your phone great
    "Practical" he says

    William T says:

    Not a windows laptop so useless.

    A New Day says:

    No one will buy it

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