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RAZER PROJECT LINDA – CRAZY Smartphone-Based Gaming Notebook!

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  • Project Linda is another crazy but not so crazy concept from Razer. They used the new Razer Smartphone to power a thin and light notebook chassis while also acting as a trackpad / second screen.

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    liukangstoupee says:

    Great idea, if you lose your phone, or break your phone, your laptop is rendered useless!

    Tamás Kocsis says:

    Thats an interesting project but its seems very useless

    Lucky Wang says:

    and hopefully this is not stolen. thumbs up for this!

    TheOmegajimes says:

    You guys invented Ubuntu Convergence, except, ya know, it works.

    Dreigo42 says:

    Perhaps combined with a remote desktop app like Logmein, this could be a really good travel solution.

    CrimsonSunBear says:

    I would say this is great for a average consumer. people already spend a ton of money for their phones, and find their laptop to be secondary.

    xCRUCiOx says:

    Not a fan of Razor but this is actually a cool concept.

    Juan Cruz Fernandez says:

    That should be interesting if you use the phone to run a linux instance. The horsepower is there.

    joshua41175 says:

    Guess now we know why they insisted on 8 GB ram on a phone

    Michael Rák says:

    If this comes out, I may buy a Razer phone

    Cameron Smith says:

    This is something I would buy.

    The Skull Meister says:

    I whant this so badly 😀

    rick slotboom says:

    could you add razer core tho this ?

    Deliquescator says:

    So a Laptop version of Samsung Dex with a mediocre interface?

    Vernon says:

    Which game was he playing

    The Master says:

    THIS IS MY CREW!!!!!

    msironen says:

    The phone looks like a brick, though.

    venky says:

    Now we have a 700$ TOUCHPAD

    Nick Dzink says:

    Stupid Razer, how about a Blackwidow X with Yellow switches? Or better yet: how about an Abyssus 2014 with a PMW3389? Stop wasting money on useless projects and bring on the actual goods people would buy!

    Thomas Rosoff says:

    Please explain how this is a "gaming laptop"

    Strider Wolf says:

    microsoft is stupid, they could have created such device long ago, profitted and be the innovator. hey intel if you are reading my comment, scramble and create your own version of this with windows 10 x64 as the phone OS and the dock should also have some optional extra graphics horsepower (and or optional storage) aside from electric juice. 1080p screen is good enough on both the phone and dock (plain white keyboard backlit) to keep costs down. people want something new innovative that doesnt costs a kidney and an arm to purchase… intel u series quad core ht processors are a good candidates…

    Pun Santos says:

    It feels really good to know that my favorite tech youtubers are good friends 🙂

    Burak Eren says:

    I can pay around 1000 – 1200 USD for something like that (meaning both phone and the dock)

    Assa Laos says:

    That seems.. bad

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