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Razer Nommo | Gaming Speakers? Say Nommo.

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    For 1 Kidney

    RoadDog says:

    why should i buy speakers if your mice are broken as hell ?
    razer lancehead TE !!! and when i do fast movement its laggy as hell !! why the hell u say GAMING MICE ??? my logitech G 400 is 10000x better then this… just wanted for chromo but hell no way in hell u can play with such "sensor"

    Doggo says:


    No Socks To Wear says:

    did they try to copy the Maxell Tape commercial? lol

    sarp arapoğlu says:

    the blond girl is absolutely insane

    grifty says:

    0:45 I would not like paint to be all over my face while im gaming…

    Seal says:

    don't buy them they're not safe for anyone

    daily dose of nightmare fuel Dad says:

    At first i thought that was matpat but realized it was jericho. Love them both though.

    El Canal de una Rata Adulta says:

    C R I N G E

    Mr.B says:

    Who is him? 🙂

    israXDD says:

    Razer no homo

    Regy Yap says:

    dammit tucker

    Tolerated says:

    I would of been down to buy these but i really dont want to be hit with colored sand when it gets too loud.

    Greg Fiske says:

    Was the dude meant to look like Linus?

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