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Razer Blade Gaming Laptops: Hands-On!

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  • Here’s my hands-on with the latest Razer Blade gaming laptops, the Razer Blade Stealth, Razer Blade, and the Razer Blade Pro! Like, Share, and Enjoy the video!

    Razer Blade Holiday Deals:

    More info on the specific Razer laptops.
    Razer Blade Stealth – 13”
    Razer Blade – 14”
    Razer Blade Pro – 17”

    Sponsored by Razer.

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    Adly Hakim says:

    Give it one away please, I desperately need a laptop right now to do all of my college assignment

    Danny Martinez says:

    I desperately want this guy to reach 1 mil subs already! I remember i used to watch him. He's an OG! Dave Lee just beat him to 1 mil :/

    Manilette Ann Fernandez says:

    Feel better soon, Mark!

    Ankit Sharma says:

    They look so amazing that logo is just eye catching… Hope razer lunch this in india….

    Zalcry says:

    Holy shit that first one though

    Wraith The Game says:

    Other sponsored crap, good.

    marksapollo says:

    You sound as healthy as me haha, stupid colds..!! Great video. These are nice laptops and offer better value then the Surface line.

    Waris Hafeez says:


    SpursandFlames says:

    lol ur voice, hope it gets better

    Mathieu Lepoutre says:

    so weird so seeing you go from 600k views per upload to 2.4k.. what happened ?

    Aditya Kulkarni says:

    Really informative video and loved the battlefront gameplay…the biggest pro had such a crispy resolution…amazing laptops and get well soon!

    Mr Everything says:

    Look at the size of Soldier’s arms. Someone is getting ready for an upcoming Royal Rumble appearance!

    Campwise05 says:

    Great video SKB!

    Technology Master says:

    bro upload consistently

    Seazer D says:

    That's pro is the dream.

    Abel Moreno says:

    I still have my original Razer Blade 14

    Bhavik Singh says:

    You look kind of remind me of Diamondback from Luke cage (compliment)

    Landon Cooley says:

    The Razer Blade Laptops are amazing, just wish I could afford one. Thanks for the great simple review. Great video!

    Roberto says:

    Wow wish I could afford one

    mariochaosspear says:

    I really want a G-Sync 120 Hz display on the Blade. I've been spoiled by my desktop monitor and I find it really hard to go back to a 60 Hz Non G-sync display.

    Random Videos says:

    keep these vids rolling…guy uploads once every few months.

    2D 3D says:

    Can I get one my laptop broken fam and I'm not getting one anytime soon cause I'm broke

    kamil ch says:

    They don't want a soldier to have a razer laptop.. So he got 3.

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