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Predator – Summon Your Strength

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  • There’s power hidden inside all of us. Once you find it, there’s no turning back. For the mighty warrior, the fearsome beast or the stealth assassin — the path starts with Predator.

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    prapul kumar says:

    i7 8th generation ? i dont see any models on their website with 8th gen processor

    Mister Max says:

    Вау!!!!! Супер!!!

    Scrambled Eggs says:

    How does it compare to razer

    Thorveim says:

    Fun to see the player as the monster actually… very few games actually allow the player to do just that 🙂 An overall badass ad, I like.

    WheresThaHate says:

    can i get dat music doe?

    Richard Pierre says:

    Wtf?…. So.. Asian dude is a ninja… Black man is a barbarian fighter…. and the white dude is a monster….. Think you guys hit all of the stereo types in the people represented…. Lmao That's funny.

    Hoang Minh Nguyen says:

    lol its so bad just see how his sword lagging

    Joshua yea says:

    This would be a really cool VR game

    daveice20 says:

    lmaaooooo fire your marketing team before they make you go bankrupt off horrible advertisement campaigns that look like they're coming straight from the 90s

    Janbert Guerrero says:

    That fearsome beast looks awesome!

    stan kidofu says:

    hahahahah criiiinnngggggeeeeeee

    Azure Champ says:

    Now thats badass..

    samuel attias says:

    Acer Gaming

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