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PettyGang Gaming Late 2018 Living Room Gaming PC Setup

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  • Not the best with describing things lol. My social media is found below so make sure you’re following to keep update on the contest! Before asking me anything on the video, please look below to see if I haven’t answered it already.


    Links To Items Found in video:


    Apple Airport Time Capsule (Upgraded after video):

    Apple AirPods:

    Phillips Hue Hub w Bulb Kit:

    iPhone X 256GB:

    Nintendo Switch Console:
    Mario Odyssey:
    Zelda Breath of Wild:

    Xbox One 1TB (Xb) :
    Playstation 4 1TB Alternative (PS4):

    Sony SLT-A58K:
    DJI Osmo Mobile:
    Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal:
    Sony NEX- F3:

    Apple TV 4K:
    Anker USB Hub:
    Wireless Charging Pad:
    Razer Blackwidow Keyboard:
    Razer Oroborus Wireless Mouse:
    Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Headphones:
    Amazon Echo Dot:
    Astro A50:

    Audio Technica 2020:
    Sterling Audio:

    For Pixel Pals:
    Type “Petty” At checkout for 10% off!

    Modded Zone Controllers:
    Type “Petty” at checkout to receive a special discount

    Common Questions:

    What beat or song was in the video:
    Beginning: Homemade beat
    Ending: PettyGang Track that hasn’t been released yet

    When is Thots In Jail 2 dropping: In a few days
    Avengers 5: Now in progress

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    gamer girl says:

    Pleas me , i want to start to do a gamer girl but i don't have the gadget

    Sam Clark says:

    I miss my old pc. AFTER MY MOTHER BROKE IT IM STUCK PLAYING PS4 Hopefully I'll win the giveaway. GOOD LUCK Y'ALL

    Lucky Inc says:

    I did it, hope I get it

    Andrew Pearce says:

    Love to have the tv as I dont have one yet and I have wanted to have a tv for a couple of years but dont have the money to buy one. Also I love the lights behind the monitors much love to y'all

    Bailey Milford, Reuben Dale Songs says:

    Dammmmmmmn that setup is so lit

    PhenomenalSandy says:

    this is like the most beautiful setup I've ever seen. APPROVED BY me…lol

    The Jamers says:

    hi i need this becas my computerit brock and i wold do my homework on

    HUZAIFA 786 says:

    Brother i want ps4 bevause i have 2nd handed ps3 and all my friends hve ps4 pro and xbox 1 so if you reply this i will guve you my address and i subed likes and shared bro plz plz plz plz plz i jope i get one

    TacoPvP says:

    Subbed to iRio and followed you on Twitter. Recently saw the Grandpa Rio. Funny af, and the audio quality is crisp and 10x better than a couple of vids back. Ready to see what’s up next on both of your channels.

    Simon Mouhyddine says:

    Hello Bruh I wish to win that giveaway and thank you

    King Jover1232 says:

    Damn Bro that set up looks beautiful

    Thiruma Sempiyan says:

    i am stunning of ur gaming setup !!!!!

    aaronomniscient 0 says:

    Done, pick me baby!!! 😀

    Techie Aman says:

    I want to win giveaway.

    David Alvarez says:

    hopefully i win that set up though wish i could have somthing like that and also love the controllers skin

    Barry todd clark says:

    happy holidays and happy merry christmas

    natashadix1980 says:

    I want to win this because i have a friend whose had a very bad life and has recently moved from our town to another one and doesnt know anybody. His mom works very hard all day just so that he can have a good life. His dad also recently died of lung cancer making it even harder on him. He is a really good kid and is full of happiness that lights up everyone around him. Since he's always so kind to others I want to do something nice for him. He gets alot of happiness from gaming and I dont have the money to get him a pc or console. So im trying this out. This is the reason why i want the pc. So i can give it to him on christmas and make his face light up with joy
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    Adrxan Ruxz says:

    I don’t know if I’m entering the code in the wrong place for the controller orr if I’m putting the wrong code in is it petty?

    PG Breezy says:

    Mannnnn finish a series already lol

    Devilish Renill Gaming says:

    Sick setup, best setup I seen from a youtuber. hats off to you lil bro.

    SAVAGENUZY says:

    I done all the steps. I hope I can win so then I can improve the quality of my videos and streams ❤

    Og CB says:

    WOW!! Really nice setup man! One day I want to be able to make such awesome build 😮 Could you give me some tips and tricks for my setup? I have a video on my channel 🙂 I would really appreciate the help from a person who builds such nice setups 🙂

    Lasers Heydays says:

    Can I have ur pc

    tristin pearson says:

    pettygang i just started my own youtube channel and my laptop just isnt cutting it and i need a knew system to play games on wih my friens and also i need it for collage because i am in a course on computer graphics and trying to get my youtube licence

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