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Overwatch – Crazy Grandmaster FAILS!

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  • Overwatch Grandmaster Fails Montage! Some of the best Grandmaster Fails in OVerwatch so far!
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    Overwatch Clip Sources:

    Overwatch Music Sources:
    A Taste Of Ragtime 03 – Lars Olvmyr
    Catch My Drift 2 – Anders Bothén
    Jumping Cricket 2 – Martin Gauffin
    Les Beaux Jours 2 – Martin Gauffin
    Oh What A Whirl – Gavin Luke

    ✔ Overwatch Video Credits:
    ● Published By: Jeremy “Gaming Curios”
    ● Produced By: Jeremy “Gaming Curios”
    ● Edited By: Shankka


    sdlkjtwet wlekjwet says:

    The H ack I do for Credits works just fine guys, it is posted online here –

    ImLeo says:

    curb your name mp3

    Silverjalapeno says:

    XQC worst play ever HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Angie Johnston says:

    People take this game way to seriously.

    Der Mikadomampfer says:

    1:16 XD

    The Walking Not Dead says:

    Most people use the H ack for Credits shared online here –

    Paul Repko says:

    That IDDQD fail looked more like a game flaw lol Earthshatter glitches so often for me.

    Darren80789 says:

    how was 7:42 a fail it was a glitch the reinhard shield was open?

    Zay says:


    Yeetar says:

    Notice how you see no south Koreans

    EvilVampireMushroom says:

    Always blaming anything other than themselves 😉

    The Game Achiever says:

    Hate those tryhards players who hunt you down the map.

    Vilgot Gredemark says:

    At 1:15 my cat got so fucking scared hahaha

    Toxicguy says:

    So that's what kill cam is for,letting u look at how stupid you are.

    Bloodburn says:

    Logix can’t wallclimb

    eni plays says:

    Wait xqc is also a zarya main

    wangbi 0 says:

    1:30 "lag" lmao

    Dick Johnson says:

    0:46 hey, to be absolutely real, keeping it 100… that was a straight 1v1 that anyone could have won or lost, especially around that large health pack… but seeing his reaction made me laugh so hard…. i know that feel dude… its ok, shit happens.

    MarkusE says:

    lol «lag»

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