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Overwatch – Best Grandmaster FAILS

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  • Overwatch – Best Grandmaster FAILS! A montage of some of the best, most Epic Grandmaster FAILS in Overwatch So Far.
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    West End Theater Night 1 – Magnus Ringblom
    Trouble In Kitchen 4 – Magnus Ringblom
    Sugar And Spice 4 – Gavin Luke
    Rich And Fabulous 5 – Håkan Eriksson
    Catch My Drift 1 – Anders Bothén

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    ● Published By: Jeremy “Gaming Curios”
    ● Produced By: Jeremy “Gaming Curios”
    ● Edited By: Shankka


    Cody BH says:

    Honestly grandmasters are sooo dumb and they don’t have to freak out at everything that happens anyway good vid as usual

    #PJ_NC YT says:

    When in doubt

    Blame it on lag

    Artemon chanel says:

    О вы из англии

    98763 Jerems says:

    the guy at 6:10

    vytae9 says:

    2:52 ""I lagged dude sorry man"
    Yeah right xD xD

    StarCow Meat says:



    Juster says:

    Blames on hit register

    two nuts in a ball sack yo says:

    That second one though

    Astrocat says:

    I guess pros c9 too

    Nether Films says:

    And this is why I don't play competitive mode.

    LukeVaneaton says:

    I did the same thing pharah did in basically the same spot lmao

    Alex Garcia says:

    None of those are as stupid as when I activated a diva nuke in spawn

    DiamondMaster says:

    1:55 kinda sound like timthetatman

    Shlong Long says:

    those c9 one's are the worst

    Mr Sabers says:

    Curios which social media did you announce winners

    Jimothy Snooker says:

    "oh okay" 9:26 lmao

    조민혁 says:

    Omg what the c9

    King Raika says:

    i feel less worried about my rank now

    chikeedoo says:

    ive played with grandmasters before, a lot of em suck, its their aim that is godly

    stonky batman says:

    I got triggered at how easily avoidable that was

    CoastedCan says:

    Giveaway winners?

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