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Orange Cup: Grand Prize – Trip to London | Clash Royale

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  • Compete in the Orange Cup today and tomorrow! Top 2 players will win flights to London, tickets to CCGS World Finals and Hotel! Must be 18 years of age or older. Prizes are sponsored by Supercell.
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    Sharan Shetty says:

    hey oj can u pls make video on how to use the Princess!

    Kenneth Irlanda says:

    cries at 17 years old

    Luka Nissilä says:

    A positive elixir trade is to join the cup

    XxGamerxX says:

    There is this 2v2 touchdown mode glitch that cost me the game.

    When someone scores a touchdown, the skeleton barrel (if it is still on the map) will pop and will start walking forward. Then they will go into the base and when the next round starts the opponent will immediately score a touchdown.

    Yu Gi Oh Remakez says:

    there is a glitch in arena touchdown if you win the round and there is a skeleton barrel the skeletons won't die and they will win the next round almost immediately

    YASH CR GAMING says:

    15 yr old cannot do anything

    Markmellows 34 says:

    All the older people that play this game not as a job suck ass

    Yahir Sanchez says:

    Question? So let’s say that in one season I make it above 4000 trophies and I get my draft chest. Once the season resets, my trophies reset to 4000 trophies and I don’t play any games at all that season but when the season ends do I still get a draft chest even though I didn’t play any game that season?

    jrod123cool says:

    Can u do rules of surviver?

    MagsTime says:


    GABE DA GOAT says:

    i think most people playing will be under 18

    keiharris332 says:

    Daymmmmm dat face at the end was pure fire.
    Don't fuck with the admins

    watch free says:

    Rip surgical he's 17 i think.

    Jhumur Roy says:

    Well that is sad when u live in LONDON

    Ethan Lee says:

    just hit 3000 trophys

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