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OpTic Gaming Vs Splyce – CWL DALLAS 2017 – Semi Finals FULL GAME

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  • OpTic Gaming Vs Splyce – CWL DALLAS 2017 – Semi Finals FULL GAME – Optic vs Splyce Dallas
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    Armando Lopez says:

    Lmao scump acting like a cocky bitch after this game but lost to TK and splyce got revenge and send them home lmao scump desreved that L

    Sniper DMP says:

    Fuck Optic scrub bitches, nothing but trash talkers and then when they get shit on they're as quiet as a whore sucking dick. Fuck OG and the 10 year old fan boys, trash

    Somebody Epic says:

    I’m off the scene

    Jack Waterfall says:

    Take that L

    CBA BaSeBaLL says:

    Um you know that OpTic doesn’t take these games seriously only just cod champs

    Youtube Red says:

    how many times they said splace lol

    Rob P. says:

    Nobody uses the BAR?

    Canaan says:

    10:01 wtf

    Canaan says:

    I hope optic has learned from this and respects all players, skills/talent.
    During the interview with Karma, he mentioned only 2 teams being able to prevent them from success and splyce wasn't one mentioned… Goodluck with champs boys!!

    Garrett Summerlin says:

    What’s up around 10:30? Nigga sniffing coke? Lol

    Recipe For Disaster says:

    Imo optic played like bitches on the london hardpoint, if splyce went through the team, or went to the next point crimsix would have been fucked, not to mention there were lots of flaws in their strategy on being none of them flanked at all you dont see that anymore, each game i see i just ask why dont you go all the way around

    Tyson says:

    Dislike I can't even see the fucking score

    Mooootrr says:

    14:55 they might have lost but that was the play of the whole event. imagine if that was on grand finals on a 5-5 snd last map. that would be so historical

    Owenmojo Foster says:

    Lol optic got whipped

    The Crazy Doctor says:

    Yo is no one gonna talk about the random ass photo collage of some dude and his girl for a frame at 10:01? The fuck is up with that shit…

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