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NVIDIA’s huge gaming TVs first look at CES 2018

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    tazizhere says:

    The streaming on there was pretty amazing! Not sure if I am ready for the price tag on that TV though.

    Con Man says:

    Hardwar doing Hardware news? Well call me surprised…

    Cballin says:

    probably over 2 grand, you'd be better off getting a 40 inch samsung hdr 4k tv for like 450.00, thats what i use and i don't notice any input lag or issues while gaming, it's amazing and affordable.

    Tanvir Khan says:

    basically 200$ laptop users are poor they are not going to spent money on expensive Geforce Now what a waste technology from Nvidia lol….

    Miguel S. says:

    How does the outside look again? :]

    Jake Sullivan says:

    Samsung announced VRR in 2018 Micro-LED TVs, never liked to be forced into buying something proprietary and coz this only works with that, G-Sync is expensive and ONLY available in Nvidia products, I'm going to wait for VRR

    Fransisco Wijaya says:

    Holy moly Cloud Gaming is now a thig

    Joseph Dawson says:

    My Vizio P Series is 120hrz but I can only use at 1080p thanks to the limitations of HDMI 2.0. Can only handle 4k 60hrz at 4.4.4. chroma still though.

    Brad Casalinuovo says:

    I can't afford this.

    ArcticPoise says:

    PRICE? Im guessing around $2000, also sucks that theres only one size, 43 inch is the sweet spot for me.

    FirmGrip DownWithTheShip says:

    What all OLED TV do you have?

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