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Nvidia’s giant 4K gaming displays hands-on | CES 2018

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  • Nvidia is unveiling what it calls Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGDs) at CES 2018. The displays are 65 inches, and PC makers like Acer, Asus, and HP will be manufacturing them as 4K HDR displays. Essentially they’re giant gaming monitors with G-Sync, perfect for a high-end gaming PC. News editor Sam Byford got to try them out. Subscribe:

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    TheJimiles says:

    Are they going to make a 40" of this? I need a new desktop monitor and this would be perfect!

    Boe Dillard says:

    It is a shame they don't offer a 21:9 curved screen model.

    Patrick Rogan says:

    65"? All I need is 40" for a hybrid rig, plz Nvidia.

    Szab S. says:

    For Christ's sake!! I've been waiting for many years now to finally see a G-Sync 4K monitor, that is above 60Hz and 27". During CES 2017 (so 1 year ago!) they announced 4K 144Hz 27" monitors, which we actually never saw in the market! And now what happens? They announce a 65" one (most likely for a horror price)… Can't believe that. Could there be an offer in a moderate range, like 35" that CAN truly be bought within 1 year without having to rob a bank?? I'm completely fed up by all those super-duper ultra hightech gadgets, that look great, but never make it to consumers.

    SoCalFreelance says:

    Covering 4K technology in 1080p :/

    Charles Kuhn says:

    This guy is cool

    Abdulhamid Alyahyai says:

    If only its OLED.

    Lucas Plakke says:

    Which game is he playing?

    Il Medved says:

    Music is to loud for his strange voice, hard to focus on his speech.

    Allan Sh says:

    And the Verge still uploads videos in pathetic 1080P resolution at measly 24fps.

    Drew Lakebrink says:

    Please adjust the background and voice levels in future videos. The music shouldn't over power his voice. He seems to be speaking softly, but the music is still too prominent.

    Dimitri Vegas says:

    опа, сёмёрочка красная 2:02

    SchwarzieJSY says:

    Would there be much latency on this?

    Itz Greetings233 says:

    Yo, ugh…. aren’t you supposed to be sitting like…farther away?????

    Kelvin J says:

    1080p @120hz on ultra graphics on my Sony 65" x900e is enough for me. No thanks!

    4c1dr3fl3x says:

    Been using the Panasonic TC-58AX800U for 2 years now, a 60 hz 58 inch 4k displayport TV with gaming capable response times. It cost me $1249 two years ago, the same as the top tier gaming displays today. Tried replacing it with a 34 inch 144 hz LG display (34UC79G) last year because I had a bug up my ass about refresh rates, but just could not stomach ever playing on anything that small again. No, the TV is not too big, even 2 feet in front of me on the desk. Not to plug my channel, but you can see my setup on my personal vids and you can tell 58 inch isn't as big as you think, and you DON'T have to sit as far back as this guy does at all.

    Thumbiss Smith says:

    verge why r u guys shitposting

    Red Panda says:

    Well now I know what my next TV will be

    Upakul Dutta says:

    What was the last video where a space ship returns to earth?

    Julio Chao says:

    I really hate these 4k test videos that are uploaded in 1080p… WHY?

    WhiteWalkerPepe says:

    Verge this is way too much technology videos for a week.
    I cant handle the satisfaction.

    Jason says:

    It's 20,000 dollars!

    VariTimo says:

    Why does NVIDIA think that mat display is a good idea? The met cover degrades image quality and somebody who’s willing to buy such a specialized display is probably capable of darkening a room….

    Константин Чернов says:

    What's about USB type-c?

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