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Nintendo is the Most Interesting Company in Gaming

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  • They don’t always hit a home run, but Nintendo always tries to be different, and stand out among their competitors. I feel this makes them the most interesting company in the gaming industry.



    Mister Swoof says:

    I m m er s i v e r o b o t l e g e x p e r i e n c e

    Sakhi says:

    In the UK at least where I'm from, HD didn't really become common until around 2009-2010. The Wii came out in a time where HD was starting to be adopted (2006)

    Finches Gameing and more says:

    I want Nintendo switch vr now

    Mental xo says:

    PSP IS BAE. PSVITA IS ehhhhhh cool I guess

    Luke Rademacher says:

    Very Well Said. My Man

    Nathan Hardcastle says:

    PSP? That did well

    Kurtis Horvath says:

    The robot legs are for tapping your 3DS to them in sleep mode to easily getting steps on the stepometer for lazy people

    Vince says:

    4K and VR is useless for now. To me, only Nintendo would be able to make VR popular, Sony doesn't have the IPs and seeing how they sold 2 millions of psvr (which sounds like a lot, but to have an healthy and worthy eco-system to make games on that's clearly not enough). Switch is a real new interesting idea. PS4 and XBone are so uninspired that this generation was truly lacking innovation to me (wii u wasn't a good concept). And it's the same software wise, so many ports. People blame Nintendo for like 3 Wii u ports on Switch (which wii u failed horribly so it makes sense) but look at all the other companies doing it for successful games… most popular games on PS4 are available on PS3.. just saying.

    Shape Shifter says:

    I think those robo legs are gonna be used to let the Reggienator take over this land

    Frost says:

    Reggie Fils-AiMech

    Remy Kamermans says:

    Without Nintendo i prob wouldnt care much for gaming as adult, they keep things interesting.
    Without them we would only have pc's or boxes with pc hardware inside them and a 360 like controller.

    Such a shame Iwata couldnt see his latest project becoming beloved by most gamers / people.
    To me he is one of the legends that changed the face of gaming many times.

    Christy says:

    Nintendo is the best company in gaming because it actually takes risks …

    Not Enough Rupees says:

    When the Wii U first came out my mom kept calling the Wii U the Wii iPad

    Choco says:

    i hope they just make a robot dog

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